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Well what can I say. I do spriting as an on and off hobby. I got few friends here.
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> Head to Elec Man's stage
> Equip Green Ribbon on your Mega Buster for style points
I think Ryu got this in the bag.
There goes the lawn and it only had 3 days till retirement
Straight from his paycheck no less!
Oh so now Ryu's a jerk. Well at least he didn't blow up the lawn.
Hey, guys. October. Spooky Scary Skeletons.
He probably sold them chaos emeralds to a jolly fat man
Reupload after noticing that some of the shoes of sprites were different colored
After wandering and fighting on various street fights and underground tournaments for some time now. Ryu finds himself at an nostalgic place, with a familiar presence waiting him inside.

I never expected to return back to the comic business (Actually I was kidnapped and forced into this. Send help!) Either way, please forgive me for a horrible comic since I have no idea how to make comics properly (it's been like 2000 years)
Well as they say, you can never have enough hell in one hell sword from hell

Hell Sword from Hell: The electric hellgaloo
Gonna catch dat dere Kerbeh!
[Linkin Park plays in the background]
All's well that ends well right?
Think of all the edge that caused those scars
@Syogren: Well I was planning on making the gi Ryu sheet anyway because I personally like it myself. And really I wanted to bring out the fighter aspect of him.
Well they should have just called Super Saiyan God just Saiyan god and this would be Super Saiyan God
@The Magnificent Z: Now if I'm going to be honest, he punches, kicks and hadoukens. Haha, not much thought put into it when I first made him.

Well he also had an transformation with fire related skills, at one point I thought about giving him a stand from jjba to use