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Time to Climb
I'm sure we've all been on hikes before and experienced the burn of a good climb. I've actually done a hiking trip with a busted toe once and a had a huge boot on my leg while doing it. Easy to say it was not easy.

So think of that when you think of Brad going up that! His leg is a permanent crutch you will find out about later.
Going Back to Dad
Jumping back to Dad and his shenanigans. Oh boy, city scenes! :D
Cute but Nope
@Spirit of Water: Because the bees are being cute but they are also bees - so yea. XD

Thank you! Everything is mostly fine and dry now. We lost some things in the flood but nothing dire. The guinea pigs were downstairs. They are all okay.
Page a bit late
mostly because my basement flooded. That took priority then uploading. Mostly everything is fine but the carpets are soaked!
Tuesdays Are now the Update!
Tuesday are now the Update days! My work schedule moved to me having Tuesdays free and boy was I right to do this. I felt so good to wake up early and get everything polished without stress.
Comic Pages Updates
Comic pages will be switching from Mondays to Tuesday starting November 21st. This is because my work schedule changed a bit a Mondays are super swamped now. Tuesday are completely free.

This will hopefully make things easier to update.
We'll be back next week
Family issues are keeping me busy this week. No comic update until next week. Sorry but fam comes first!
Double Update
Double update for making up some lost time!
And we're back! Sorry for the hiatus! Went to a convention and then got sick, so lots of time was spent dealing and healing!
Accidents Happen
I would love to say that Cassidy has superpowers butttttt - :/
I should have named her Gabby
Meet Tessi! She's very chatty.

I honestly should have named her Gabby. Missed opportunity!
Back to Cassidy
It's almost like she's a main character or something.
We're Back!
I went to a convention recently so updates have been a bit slow. But! We are back and I plan on updating some extra pages to make up for lost time! :)
A Little Over this Page
I have never had so much difficulty with such a simple page before. The story of this page was that I was planning some background imagery for the panels but I ended up using all my pens. With no more ink, I decided I'll do some tweaks digitally. Well then my tablet decided it didn't like me anymore and would lose connection every 10 minutes. With my patience wearing thin and Monday coming up, I decided to reinstall the drivers and drive around to find my kind of pens. Out of Stock and Completely Shut Down. I ended up flipping the page the bird and called it done.

Look, not every page is going to be a masterpiece but this one was like pulling teeth. I'm done! See you at the next page!
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
He Tried
Sometimes your friend try their best to prepare you for the trouble they know you're going to get yourself into. But, sometimes you guys are just too dang stubborn!
This is important and almost done
It's almost like the main character of this comic hasn't had much screen time yet. Mmmmmm... you have no idea. XD
Makes Sense Buttt...
So it's safe to say Brad's been a bit touch and go when it's come to fatherly duties. He's trying but trying takes him far away for long periods of time.

Maybe a vacation would be good?
Was it something I said?
I hope it was obvious that Cornelius wasn't too pleased with him. Seems he wasn't going to keep it to himself for much longer.
It's nice to get into more dialogue filled pages! Exposition! Exposition!
While Cassidy might be upset he's leaving on her Birthday, she's honestly the most upset he'll be gone for a long time. This with no idea when he'll return. That's the real reason everyone is so gloomy. And Brad's friend, Cornelius, isn't too happy with Brad either. :/