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Really great comic and it made me feel so good reading it and loving your art on the way too.
It's been kinda like seeing all my most romantic daydreams rolled up into one lovely comic.
Such a cute page!
Haha I love it! Great art and colouring on this page and I just love that eye!
I'm gobsmacked! It took me only about 20 mins to read this little gem and yet in such a short space you've taken my emotions up into heaven and back down again with one almighty bump! A truly beautiful little story. Thanks for sharing.
Love this page, it's so powerful!
Oh no no nooooooo! How could you?
That is so cool!
Blue is the warmest colour but you make pink the hottest!!
OMG I love this!
I love the cover, It's simple and so beautifully done.
Loved reading your comic so much, it's so beautifully told. Thanks for sharing!