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Good question.. LOL

Ummm send it to me I guess I can forward it to everyone else when we decide.

I'm not sure how soon the pages will be deleted since we have to contact Soggy.
If you want to apply just look at the webcomic info I think it still has the requirements.

Just have a picture of your future character and some info on them. :D
I think we should start a new website to get more viewers to look at CN. That way we'll get more people who are willing to apply.

AND somehow we should get together on a chatroom and talk about the plot(?) But the problem is that we live in completely different time zones. owo
Yosh! Finally!

I say we keep the story line but talk about it more so it's not as hard to continue the plot.

I also think because it's so hard to understand what's going on we should have all pages that continue the story plot be Page 1 Page 2 etc and other extra pages be named like Rival~? 1 and Rival~2 so its easier to read.

I hope that made sense.
You go to:
1. My Webcomics
2. Manage
3. Comics
4. Choose the comic you want to change Action: edit
5. Change the date to match your preference.

BTW: I love the way you use the colors and how the arms, legs, and etc look solid and 3d. And the perspective too.

YOU MAKE ME JEALOUS. Good luck with this project!
I say we restart but keep the storyline and maybe if you want you can change your characters.

I think it's best to restart because lots of people left and the order is so confusing @__@

If we're completely starting over we don't need Soggy I think?

Welcome back SLB LOL <3
Take your time Neko <3

I can think of something, Actually I've been wanting to do it for a while so the next few pages I guess I'll be a little selfish and reserve as mine.

But it will take me a while D:

Have faith in me~!!
You can PM it to me and all of us will decide if you're in


Thanks for applying!
...Poseidon makes my liver quiver.

I would swim the oceans for him ;D What a hottie.

You're right. But there's no new members who'll create the heir. And we're really not doing the story line. ( We totally should. I think it could be really interested). But then what about Zong Meng. ALIWJFUSNG I hate love triangles D:

Sorry again Inxerene! D:

SORRY SORRY. It won't happen again. The next page is definitely saved for you.

Sorry about your grandmother. (It's almost like Clove's grandmother is real hahah)

I have a crush on Leo <33333. I'm going to make Maria have a crush on him because it's wrong for me to have one. D:

LOL. Holy water this just made my day. Who's going to reply to this?
Yay go for it !!!

I can't wait. Maybe Zong Meng will help Maria.


I love you too inxerene!!!!! <3

LOL I had the most fun drawing the cat ahhaah. Let's keep the posts coming!

Omg Clove's grandma is too funny. xD
Sorry about Alexander, his outfit is so hard to draw and I'm not sure I even did it correctly.


Neko Kurai hurry and respond since I don't know how Leo would react to Clove's grandma xD


I totally know his name is Alexander. OMG SORRY.

*feels stupid*

I'm almost done with the following page. It'll be up in like maybe 45 minutes?
Thanks Epic Chibi for reading this even though it's been dead.

We'll try to revive it.


Seerius is hiding behind Maria!?!?!? What kind of man is this!!? xDD

This page is awesome! I'm going to respond to it. :)

I guess we could revive it...

You can start Seeriussss 8D
Amphirite looks so gorgeous as does Poseidon ;D

MYth : Eternal Gift seems the most interesting I hope you do this one!