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Remember when you just could play a game and unlock cool stuff by going through the store or doing certain quests/having skill? I do... fucking hate loot boxes...
September 16th, 2019
@Daz Keaty: The atmosphere.
@Daz Keaty: Sick of the live-action remakes, but this especially the last panel made me laugh hard. Also still play KH. Let the light into your heart, Dazzy.... ya dork. :p
@ninjaxxxrecon: She has dat high metabolism.
August 10th, 2019
*stares in Menacing*
@Daz Keaty: *Insert Dancin' (KRONO Remix)* Smug dancin'.
Oh Warren...
You're finally playing Okami? Yay! One of my favorite games of all time! I remember buying this when it first came out on the PS2. Thanks X-Play. Soundtrack is still heavenly as ever. Although I wish it was voiced instead of the gibberish.
Dazzy confirmed Best Boy.
Think I'll stick with the adorable fluffy electric mouse.
Awww... poor thing...
I missed the premiere. I'm gotta go watch it later this week...
This is me sometimes. I feel for her...
Dazzy... you're making me feel. I just wanna hug that little sheepy... ;~;
A GOOD anime live-action adaption? Holy shit! I wanna see this now!
Oh... oh no. The feels are already going straight to my heart...
I prove of Warren's new style~
@Daz Keaty: It can be hard, my dude... :T
Awwww! Sooo cute!! :D