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I am an artist at heart. Not so good at drawing as I used to be when I was younger but by art I mean what it means and that is to express one's self in every way possible. I currently write comics, design amateur video games and write novels.
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    Oluwafemi Oluwasanmi
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I’m glad to receive more feedback from a viewer. I have to say nearly 30 pages of the graphic novel has been completed but I am struggling to decide whether to upload what has been completed or keep the work so I can eventually send it to a publisher when it’s all done.
I don’t really see a problem with how it was written. Anyway glad you like it so far.
I think Chapter 2's cover is the best one so far. Anyways I am really enjoying this read. I've just finished Chapter 3, the story is getting really interesting.
About TML
Thanks for checking out The Magnus Light. Just so you know, this graphic novel is based on the unfinished amateur rpg games that were under development years ago. Anyway keep up to date as pages will be added regularly. Hope you enjoy the work from our team.
We can't thank you enough. We loved working on this we appreciate your comments!
Thanks, the first chapter was a bit of a drag. It was really about introducing the main characters. The end is what we hoped would grip the reader. Also we plan to update the pages on smackjeeves because they are far ahead on MangaMagazine. There's like 13 more pages done that still need to be uploaded.
Great stuff
So far this has been awesome. Very well written and the fantasy has been constructed perfectly. I really can't wait to see what happens next. The main protagonist is a bit of a klutz but I like this and the fact she is searching for answers.
Your story is kind of pretentious man, really got this annoying feeling. The only genuine thing is the fact people are kind of lamo and spend too much time gossiping and being morons most of the time. It lacks realism, becomes kind of predictable too. Its like you are replicating what you saw on television which is also frickin annoying.

Anyways aside from the dull story no offence, I do admire your art style and I hope the plot opens up more with the violence theme rather than the soppy pretentious and predictable romance crap I keep seeing.
Read all of this and so far it has been awesome!