I love to draw and tell stories. I love anime, manga, sci-fi, comedy and drama. I've wanted to be a comic artist since I was a child.

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Love Yusra's face in the final panel. "Bitch...!"
Noticed the "Last Tango in Paris" ref. Ick.

The honeymoon with Ennui Go isn't over for me. :)
Kristy is from the Mirror Universe! Called it!
.... This was deliberate allegory, wasn't it?
Being a radical Muslim requires collagen injections. :P
A Sunny fan! My opinion of you has now skyrocketed!
She's surprisingly hot in a hot dog costume.

Ha, Max is a born anti-authoritarian.
Damn, she's not just American trash, she's American WHITE trash. :P
The Neverwas knows his stuff.
He sees the same things he always sees when he closes his eyes. Like Cartman.
Love the subtle info on Izzy's past.
Classic J&Y!
Oh, so THOSE are the lava men Lord Kinbote warned us about.

Ronan the Accuser comes to help fight corporate oppression!
Or, hear me out, Molotov cocktails.
Does Yusra want toast with her jelly? :P
She gets her weed from Dante. :P
I want to see Izzy in maid clothes ALL. THE. TIME.
The "Don't mess with my man" vibe is so strong you could cut it with a knife.