Hi! You guys can call me LK if you want, I don't care. I love to play videogames and right now I am loving the Kirby games.
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I like the color change!
Hmm... I wonder if taking his headset away will do anything.
Clearly this is the best sport in the Legend of Zelda universe.
I shall call it the Warp Ztar.
The Kirby game that was announced for the Switch does interest me, especially with the Combo- and Element+ abilities.

As for Kabby... yeah, I'd rather not get her angry at me if I can help it.
Yes, playing a game of Avalanche is the best way to solve any problem!
Hmm... *is contemplating whether to join the Discord chat or not*

It's nice to have friends, especially ones that can tell when you are upset and want to help.
So Mirror looks like Kirby now. Things will start get get weirder if Kirby comes into the room.
And Shadow/Mirror Kirby continues to get even pinker.
Mm... nothing like a tasty rock to snack on.
Kirby Dances are the best kind of dances!
So does that mean Dark Meta Knight is near?
So Silent was just getting a massive donut, mystery solved!
How to disappoint any villain when they're trying to be scary: "Oh, it's you."
@Light and Shadow: Kabby vs. Haltman Works Co.

Now that would be something I'd like to see!
I don't think just simply getting crushed would kill Kirby. Of course, based on the games I could be wrong.
Happy 25th Anniversary Kirby!
I don't know why, but this makes me think of Air Man from Mega Man.