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Hi! You guys can call me LK if you want, I don't care. I love to play videogames and right now I am loving the Kirby games.
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Welp, if things continue going the way they are now, this multiverse is as good as gone.
Dedede had sanity once, but he didn't like it.
@Shard: Noragami is an anime. It's fairly short, but it's still pretty good.
This page kinda reminds me of Noragami, though I guess there are other things that I know of that aren't coming to my mind.
I would've completed the survey thing if part of it didn't make me feel uncomfortable because nearly EVERYTHING on it is required.
@Kirby91206: Kirby can activate any ability at will with no need of an outside force.
@Kirby91206: Check the previous page for context.
It seems that TAC can't catch a break. But can the flex protect his headset?

...Hi there, my name is-
@WiispNightmare: I've beaten Meta Knight only once in KSSU, and have never been able to do it again since. And this is on the lowest difficulty.
Kexas approves of Silent chasing someone?
I wonder if something else is going on in his mind. If you're wondering about that specific Dark Matter. It's the one that shows up in one of the side-games in Kirby Mass Attack.
That was quite a lot to read over.

Also, is it a bad thing that the first thing I thought of when seeing "void" was the Color Power from Sonic Colors (DS)?
@BattleStarX: Because Kexas vs. Kexas is somehow not as potent as Kexas vs. Kaaby?
@BattleStarX: Sound-proof cloth? Or whatever it was that he was using?
How is Galacta Knight back already?