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Hi! You guys can call me LK if you want, I don't care. I love to play videogames and right now I am loving the Kirby games.
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I wonder if something else is going on in his mind. If you're wondering about that specific Dark Matter. It's the one that shows up in one of the side-games in Kirby Mass Attack.
That was quite a lot to read over.

Also, is it a bad thing that the first thing I thought of when seeing "void" was the Color Power from Sonic Colors (DS)?
@BattleStarX: Because Kexas vs. Kexas is somehow not as potent as Kexas vs. Kaaby?
@BattleStarX: Sound-proof cloth? Or whatever it was that he was using?
How is Galacta Knight back already?
Got bored of waiting
So I had the page ready for a while now, but since nothing seemed to be going on I decided to just go ahead and post this.

It seems that those three didn't find treasure, instead they found trouble. Yes, they could fight, but there's too many Squeakers.
Cloning Machine?
I don't know how to feel about Slender-Doo
Slender-Dee must be very lonely.
So because why not, I decided to have LK be in on the fun, just too bad for Lucas that LK detected him before he could even "attack". Don't worry though, Lucas didn't mean any real harm.

Can you guess where they're going next?
"EEEEEEEEE" -Gooey in surprise
Drawcia could be around, or something else happened.
I decided to check this out because I was unsure if there was something being weird and found that I wasn't being notified of the update, as you stated. Oh well.
Seeing a new page got me inspired to make one of my own. Yes I realize the last update wasn't that long ago, but it doesn't take long when I still have all the files I need.

That aside, this is what the siblings Lucas and Lilly (yes, two "L's") are going to be up to.
@SuperScratchkat: I definitely miss helping out with this comic, I'd like to do what I can to get it back on its feet.
Well, seeing another Két seemed to be coming. Now to see what shenanigans will come of this.
Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Also, I like the idea of Mega Absol being able to fly, those wings shouldn't be just for show.