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Hi! You guys can call me LK if you want, I don't care. I love to play videogames and right now I am loving the Kirby games.
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Ohey, Dedoo is here as well.
Dark Meta Knight too?! Wow, the match has even gotten the attention of the villains.
Heya giant sentient rock, I see that you're here for the match too.
Ohey, it's Shadow Doc, didn't expect to see him again so soon.
Hmm... trying to think that if the worst case scenario happens, if Két would end up dying...
Even the chickens want to see Kexas fight the mystery challenger.
@Riskfan: Well I can't imagine that Arena Dee would be able to drag around Karby like that.
Well it's a good thing Kexas isn't a heavy kirby.
Isn't the area already "smote" or is this taking place somewhere else?
Galacta Knight knows how to make an entrance.
@Kirbyfan27: I dunno, but that face is giving me a Kefka vibe.
@PhoenixFurno: Silent's old job was that.
Now for Marx's next victim, whether or not that victim is harmed depends on who it is.
Well this could end poorly for Macho-San
I hope it sends him to a dimension where his antics are nothing.
So I did call it after all! Mwa ha ha ha!
Oof, I don't like the look of that butterfly.
Is seeing Miracle Matter
I called it!