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Jeez, junior year of college starting in the fall. I don't know where the time goes.

You can refer to me as Stevie.
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Now, shall we get to more mayhem?
Because who can stay away from making sprite comics?
New cover, oooooh, looks nice! Time flies, I'll tell you. I does NOT feel like the last time updated this was a year ago.
Anyways, there's something about making sprite comics (especially Kirby comics due its universe being very malleable) that just keeps ya coming back to make more! Enjoy this update!
Took me forever to remember which font I used for this comic lol
If you can kill a gordo, you can do anything.
Mace deserves a vacation
I smell a fight
Dedede needs to learn to look behind him more often
Poor Mace Knight
Dang, that's unfortunate.
Lolol at how fast Waddle Dee ran without saying a word
Kordy, look back, your friend is a clutz
Stealth plans almost always turn into fight-for-your-life plans
Let the real mayhem begin!
Whispy just experienced plenty of emotions at once.
Kirby and Tamba are dumbfounded.
@Super Bluey: The world may never know
Welp, looks like I just couldn't stay away. So let's get this show on the road.
@Cherry the Puffball: We shall see in the future ;)