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It's fine! It's fine! Obviously George's eyes had to adjust to the darkness.
But now that narrator is sounding creepy... probably wouldn't be so bad other than the fact that they're in a black out, and it feels kinda ominous.
Also! Love the lighting effect on the rest of the pokemon.
I kinda want Atty to throw the ball at Kahn's head... but going from Pharaoh Man's comment, that would be trading back..
You know.. I've never realised it until now that the head of my department reminds me of Kahn.

You go into her office full of complaints - too much workload, and she sits there nodding understandingly, and you feel vindicated, so it's not until you're out the door that you realised you just agreed to double your workload.

Kahn. He's manipulative. Atticus be all: No this life's not for me, can't do it, I'm terrible at it. Not to mention the stealing :( .. and a page later he's completely changed his tune and totally into the whole stealing shindig.
I shall take your love! Because I am a poor uni student. Also it's totally weird knowing your name >.> ... On a different note... Poor Atty, caught in a landslide of escaping pokemon. He's about to take an unwanted dive off the cliff.
Buy it. Go the route of, "I'll give you money if you stop talking to me." It's surprisingly efficient. Everyone wins! Kinda.

Also "Proffessional" should be "Professional"
Tail Fire Theory
@Tesseract: My theory was that:

1) Onix aren't completely round. There's going to be air under there somewhere.
2) Obviously the next course of action was the Tail Fire heating up the rock and causing instant removal of Rock Tail from Fire Tail.

.. and then I realised that Onix probably don't have the same pain receptors as mammals, considering they're made out of rock.

So I have no idea what the next course of action will be, so flaming the eyes is a good start!

Also.. One Onix. Two Onixs.. Onixes.. Two Onix. Hmmm.
There's a donation bar?! How the hell did I miss that? ... Obviously the page was more important to me >.>

*sidles away* Click *sidles back* Nope, nothing to see here.
Well if you look at the second and third panel... how can he not miss them?

However I really hope a psyduck chooses that moment to wander out :P
And Atty's face is all: What you can breathe fire?! Why the hell did I bring a lighter with me then?
Now why did I read "Umgh Brent" as "Come on Brent"? Am I that good at reading muffled words?
Congratulations Atty, you just killed off all the pikachu...
Hmm, so at the moment Trix? and Thad? are hiding in a hole in the ground unaware that they are about to be eaten by a forest fire. The look on their faces when they realise...
I've just had a thought.. how exactly does experience work? I know that pokemon get experience when battling.. but how does it get decided? Who decides it? Is there some creepy invisible thing following all trainers around awarding pokemon experience or something?
@Silynce : You never read The Famous Five books did you...?
Why heroes tend to run away than hide? I believe that's the fight or flight response? It's like seeing a giant tsunami coming towards you. I think the part of my brain that would be thinking, "Hmmm, wow, what a pretty shade of blue," would be overpowered by the, "OH FFFFF, RUN!"
No, no, she doesn't care about Steve, all she wants is the map.
Theives should be Thieves. (Middle panel)
Otherwise, heh... legs, don't seem to see much of Steve's legs..
The page is refusing to load... *sniffle*
Not that sure it's a typo. I did a Linguistics class last semester and half the class would have said stood, and the other half would have said standing. It depends on where you learnt your english.... Or it could just be a typo.
Hmm, now what would Tommy be looking at...