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I am an oregonian who plays and sings in too many bands and often takes on too many projects.
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    A. Sterling
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I have been feeling inspired to continue lately. We'll see how long that lasts lol

P.S. see you all on reddit (alecsplosion)
stylistic changes
hey I was getting bored of drawing that stupid suit
okay so I didn't post anything last week
I dropped the ball last week, but I think I have some more ideas, so I am just going to try and release new pages as often as possible instead of on a regular schedule. Hopefully that'll work.
The next-coming pages!
I received some constructive criticism today, which is very cool! I am going to try to stretch things on a little bit more between pages in hopes that it will make the text a little bit easier to read. I made one more in this style, but there should be some changes, soon. As for the art and the lack of interesting visuals, I think that are going to stay about here. It sounds weird, but the whole point of Larry being alone in space is for it to be really terrible. Hence this terrible comic.
Alright, off I go to make number four. Maybe after that, this comic will become a popular thing?
More Beginning Stuff
I think it should be mentioned that I made all of these over the course of like two hours or so in November. I promise that I am little bit better of an artist than these first three pages would have you believe.
Summer project-turned-thing I haven't touched in months
Yo, so I have a few pages already to go, so I guess I will have to make some more pages now. The first page isn't all that funny, it is more just to set the scene of the rest of Larry's terrible life.

edit: for reddit! (alecsplosion)