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...i...i like comics...that is all.
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Don't Aliens know how to knock?? jeez, Commander there is door right there lol
Come here, my child. Let me teach you a thing or two~~ lol
Can't he stay inside the prison for gayness? also known as closet.
For a moment there I tought he had a snake up his ass...then I remembered the tail lol. Also, if you decide to post ONLY on patreon it is ok, I mean not for me cos' I wouldn't be able to follow the comic, but what is important here is what is best for you. However I don't think that the comic being smutty is a problem for this site, for tapastic maybe, but not for smackjeeves. You could also create its own website or a tumblr, there you can put ALL the smut you want heh.
hmm someone did her homework, that is not creepy at all~
you go gurl!!!
However, Luca doesn't look like he was born without nipples, he looks like he had his poor nipples torn from his chest. why is that?
yeeeaaaah, how about no?
Did anyone tell you that moving a cat while it is laying down is illigal, boy?
Can we talk for a moment of how hot the teacher is? like duuuude he is just my type~~yum<3
Are fu*king telling me that every "sane" woman these guys find they will force her to "work" at their stupid brothel?! not cool
Both. Both? Both is good.
HA! "pretend"
"I can say a prayer for kennedy" good lord he needs it boi
NOW i get the name
Ha! "He wouldn't be able to sit for a week" even tho i know what he meant, that is still a wrong choice of words for a bl comic~
pff when you are this cute you can do whatever you want bab
@Giogio Georgette: just one way to explain the fabulous attire XD
pffff bring it on, boi!