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...i...i like comics...that is all.
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abs abs abs! abs for dayz!
awww you etah us<3
The room may be pink but our babe is feeling blue :( Also, that bed's headboard is my life and I want it.
@KazuSPF: Gracias =D
Am I a bad person if I say I would be a bit less sad if something happens to Kylee now than what I would have been if something had happened to Razor?
It's been 84 years...AND MAN, WAS IT WORTH IT!
I am kind of crushing on this professor so hard
such a big and strong beast in such a barren place... even tho it looks herbivorous it does have canines so I am guessing that it is omnivore and can eat meat. So yeah, this is no good ._.
that last panel is so damn cute gosh
wrong tactic genious, does it look like he wants you to stop?
oh pls pick him up and take him to bed! I mean that in the least sexual way possible, just make the boy go to sleep, please!!
lol it seems that the two of them have similar tastes ^^
real smooth man~
oh YES! BRING IT ON MAMA! pd: I noticed that Luca's eyebrows got bigger and bigger with each update lol it is getting out of controoool! those eyebrows will soon abduct every human and dominate the galaxy XD
okay okay OKAY. This comic got a hell lot deeper that I first thought it would be and damn i love it.
so many upper body garments have been lost in the making of this comic...R.I.P
*Deadpool storms into the room* "You think that is a rough chilhood?!"
okay OKAY i am really sorry in advance for what i am going to say, but Luka resembles her mother sooo much and I was really not expecting this flashback so for like half a second there I thought these were...the commander and Luka and I was like "DUDE WHAT NONONO THIS IS SOO WRONG!" and then "wait, blue? boobs?! OH! ohhh thank god...dude this is so hot :3"
omg I can't even take this seriously cos all I can do is imagine him setting everything up for this like "Suit, checked. Necktie, checked. Wine, checked. Vib, Checked. Seems like everything is ready, let's kidnap sweet cheeks!" XD