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...i...i like comics...that is all.
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He likes what he sees and I like your culinary choices<3
Asoro god damnit why does he have to be so terribly adorable about everything he does??!!
WOAH WOAH WOAH what the hell, lass?! not cool.
smooth motherf*cker
Happy birthday!!! Its late, but it is the feeling that counts right? :p Oh no, Asoro saw the bacon! I thought that he was Vegan but that look on his eyes tells me I was wrong XD
@sleepingpoppy: Yep! makes me think that "someone" doesn't really let him sleep enough ;). But really, Phury looks sooo handsome when smiling<3 (he is handsome all the time but u get me hehe)
gotta love watching ur man cooking, plus good mood phury is my jam<3
abs abs abs! abs for dayz!
awww you etah us<3
The room may be pink but our babe is feeling blue :( Also, that bed's headboard is my life and I want it.
@KazuSPF: Gracias =D
Am I a bad person if I say I would be a bit less sad if something happens to Kylee now than what I would have been if something had happened to Razor?
It's been 84 years...AND MAN, WAS IT WORTH IT!
I am kind of crushing on this professor so hard
such a big and strong beast in such a barren place... even tho it looks herbivorous it does have canines so I am guessing that it is omnivore and can eat meat. So yeah, this is no good ._.
that last panel is so damn cute gosh
wrong tactic genious, does it look like he wants you to stop?
oh pls pick him up and take him to bed! I mean that in the least sexual way possible, just make the boy go to sleep, please!!
lol it seems that the two of them have similar tastes ^^