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Spear the Hedgehog
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Not that my opinion means much around here anymore but;

If you guys were to do a reboot I'd recommend cutting down on authors. When there's to many things don't get done since everyone's waiting for the "other guy" to update.
That scenario has actually happened on this comic a few times.

I'd also recommend to involve ALL the authors in the plot (assuming that the amount of authors is a handful).
In doing that the amount of plot holes drop a ton since everyone knows what's going on (and can hopefully contribute their own ideas).

I say this because this comic just refuses to die. If given a good run it should be fine.

Again, I know my words don't carry much sway anymore, but I felt like I should put in my two cents.
I'll gladly favorite any reboot that comes up.
Sorry about all this. I DID upload this before Midnight last night, but in my rushed hurry to update it, I forgot the borders and a speech bubble.

Anyway, I should get a decent update schedule up, hopefully.
If you've played the Sonic games as extensively as I have, what is your least favorite Chaos Emerald, or, bonus stage.

I've all ways hated the Red emerald.
Coming back and playing I realize all the frame rate and lag issues with Sonic 2's stages (especially the later ones) which makes them harder. No amount of Nostalgia goggles will save those.
Yeah, that was just a bad idea, wasn't it?
Haha, will-do.
Today I caught up with E3 (This year I'm solidly Nintendo, again....). Which is why this came out so late.

I think I'm going to settle on a Tuesday/Thursday comic update schedule.

I'm not really happy with this page, or the last one for that matter, so just tell me if anything is wrong.

Oh, and I think I fixed Shadow's bubbles. How do they look?

Sorry about the length, you'll get a nice, big plot comic next.
I changed the bubbles this time around, what do you think of them? Should I make them have less transparency? Or should I just go back to my white bubbled ones?

I changed my Avatar too, look at how shiny it is!
The Affiliate's thing still stands too!
Everything has a start, and while this one may be a bit lack luster, it still gets the point across.
Eggman will be back later, I promise.

Oh, I don't have any more pre-made updates, I actually didn't even plan on updating today.

Originally it was the plan to wait until Monday, but I have something important happening Monday. I'm going to use that stress/anxiety to make the next comic.

The news side has been updated, though all that's there is stuff about Affiliate's, WHICH ARE STILL OPEN!! I've only filled up one, which is seen to the right.

Oh, and I really want something to fill that Sponsors thing to the right. Any ideas?
*Insert Generic comment here*

Anyway, if you want advertisement (I know I sure do!) I can set up the Affitialets and links on the sides of the comic for your comic!
They may be small, but they are all ways there.
I just want some advertisement in return.

Another thing, tell your friends! The more the merrier!!

One last thing, I got a job interview, so I won't have the near unlimited time that I've been enjoying to make updates.

Shameless fan searching aside, read and enjoy.
I was going to say the same thing Kinny said about the blur effect.

My only gripe is in the ending panel.

Déjà vu is the correct Français.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog:

Thanks! I am too....

Yeah, thanks for that, I wasn't sure what to do there. I'm still messing around with this. I don't think I'll do it around the blurred panels.
I will around the regular ones though.
Nothing really to say here.
I've got a couple comics all ready lined up for updating, so no delays for a bit.
Haha, yeah, thanks again for that!
Well, this is the first of hopefully a few comics.

I've decided to try out a couple things with this one:

1.) Dropping my static, 6 panel background for a more, dynamic one.

2.) Using 4 panels. I was initially against this, but making a 4 panel comic is far easier on my patience.

Now, I know this may seem lack luster, but with the limited amount of content in each strip I can easily push out more.

So instead of a couple long comics, we'll get a few small ones.

This set up will only be used for fighting comics though, as when I develop plot I'm going to use more panels.

No use in making 3 panels crammed with text, eh?
That last panel just screams facepalm.
Jus' sayin'.
Most of the 11 of you that read this won't really see this probably.
It has been TWO years since I made this.....
Wow, two years seems like so long ago. Anyway, I never keep my word here, but I'd at least like to try again.

Updates will hopefully come at decent intervals, though I'll be making this comic mostly for myself, as I really just want to see the plots I made, created.
Again, I shouldn't hop in, but it's not going to end any time soon. Even Ultimate posted TWICE and you all didn't stop.

You all are being very trivial and immature for starting this flame war.
As Kinny pointed out, this stopped being about the comic after the second or third comment.

You do have a point, but you need to understand that Kai was allowed back in, meaning he has Ultimate's approval. Not to mention you should have stopped after his first couple of comments, as he didn't show signs of stopping.
Also, continuously placing the blame on other people isn't that virtuous, as YOU spoke FIRST.

@Kaizuto Kazama
There were multiple times you crossed the line. There are multiple times you could have taken the high road and just say "Okay, I'm just going to not listen, but make you feel okay with what you said".

To everyone else jumping in and blaming ONE person for this fight, yelling at them, then tell them to stop fighting.
That my friend, is called being a hypocrite.

@Ultimate the Hedgehog
Sorry for getting involved, I just needed to say this.
The glow and blur effects were neat....

Though all this comic does is introduce your character. While in the middle of a plot, it'd probably be better to jump into someone else's fight (with their permission of course...). It's not like we have 3 or 4 so fights happening right now.

The bubbles could use a little work. The effects look Paint(dot)Net or higher, yet the bubbles look lower end MS Paint...

Oh, and in panel 3 there's a spelling error. I'm pretty sure you mean "thing" not "hing". In panel 1 you may want a question mark for "What is that thing!?" Oh, and *DOOR OPENS* could be SOOO much better. Any sound effect really.
You could even blur the first panel and have *Door slams* since you're flying back in the second panel.
The floating in panel 3 also kinda bugs me.......

I'm just getting nitpciky now, sorry about that.
We need another super Slime enemy, the Golems are just getting ripped apart now.....
Ditto just won Brownie points.
The thing's a pro, didn't even have to look at the pokemon to transform.
C'mon guys, Ed may be a bit harsh, but he's right....
I mostly agree with the effect.
It has the look of a 3D animation.
Gradient shading isn't that useful in Sprite Comics as half the time you'll get a 3D effect on a 2D plane.
A better effect could be a transparency, or maybe even a glow.

Clutter wise, eh, it was setting up a fight in close quarters. Things are supposed to be close.
I was writing out my first comment before Ultimate commented, I'm sorry my internet fails.
Thanks for defending me Kinny, and no I wasn't addressing you.
Tex, you were constantly bashing him, while trying to defend someone.
Not to mention you wouldn't even take any if his arguments at face value.
When arguing with a person you need to understand how and why they came to such a conclusion and counter it.
Just stating your opinion and bashing the other isn't doing it correctly.
I'm sorry I hopped in, I'll make sure not to comment when I feel I need too.