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Eh, I'm an illustration graduate with too much time on my hands.

(Prepare for poorly drawn smut).

@Slayernice: Aaah, yeah.

@ASGJ: Haha, yeah, he is like an actual dude right now! :3 It does lead up to what happened, yes!
@Kumotogi: ... It might be coming.

@Slayernice: Soon enough!

@potatoe1988: Nothing quite like a road trip!

@disabledpaladin: Haha, yeah, that'd be pretty cool actually! I'd like to do an artbook at some point.
@Slayernice: More than likely, haha!
@jovialMagician: Glad it satisfies you :D

@Slayernice: They are for now! :D
@Guest: I'm not sure if it works half the time, haha, but thank you! I'm glad it succeeds at least to some people :D

@jovialMagician: I'm gonna be honest, I'm not really aiming to go into much detail over how they came about/why they can talk other than vague references made by the characters every so often. It was something I wanted to leave open. My idea is that it's just some old memory of when they were alive, like very so often they'll form words instead of your generic grunting and groaning, haha.

@ASGJ: HELLO! I've missed your comments, haha! I always find it weird and unsettling when zombies talk, I think I Am a Hero does it really well! It's funny and also terrifying.

@Slayernice: Sometimes, but I wouldn't say most of them were capable of communication.

@M-24: I like to imagine some are more aware than others ;)

@potatoe1988: That makes all the difference! I'd be much less offended if a zombie apologized before eating me, haha.

@disabledpaladin: It's being weird and it needs to stop!
@disabledpaladin: Awww! Thank you for taking the time to read it! And I'm so happy you like it so far!

@Trinityfazbear: Shit indeed!

@Slayernice: Wellll.... XD
(New chapter! Pretty long one, still thumbnailing the end of this one).

@Trinityfazbear: Hahah, yeah... good intuition there!

@Slayernice: Oh yes! ;)

@Festusgrumpus: Haha, that's great! I'm quite flattered they come off that way actually. I kinda figured this whole thing was a bit too cartoony to really ever get creepy.

@Captain Apricot: That is a fantastic description! Much better than I could have ever put it.

@Bella1234: Thank you so much! I love you for reading this! I hope you continue to enjoy it!
(This concludes chapter 07! Hope you all enjoyed it!)

@lazy-lil-king: Truly, the most well spoken of all Englandshire.

@Slayernice: Not in any great capacity, no.

@LotusBro: Thank you so much! I'm really flattered you came back and checked this out after so long!
@i'm kohane: Thank you very much! Aww, I'll be back to regular updates now so you'll see them again each week :)

@Kaytlenn: I did! I'm missing it already, haha. I do have a tumblr, but at the minute I don't update it much (since I really do focus 99% of the time just on the pages, nothing extra), but I do plan on starting to update it regularly at some point.

@Slayernice: Yeah, there's not much else in the way of entertainment!
(Back from my holiday. Absolutely loved Orlando, was so nice! Sucks being back home where it's cold and wet and miserable, haha).
@Slayernice: :D

@spiderwoman: They are indeed! I don't think I know enough about other countries to accurately set anything elsewhere, I'd be worried about getting stuff wrong haha.

@M-24: Yeah, that's always a clue, haha. Although I've started calling trousers pants now XD

@tamagochi: It's just a slang term for someone who sounds/acts posh.
(Last update until end of November. I go on holiday to Florida next week so I won't be around).

@IremWinchester: Haha, oh Charlie loves them. Like... absolutely.

@lazy-lil-king: They're the only ones I know as well, haha.

@Slayernice: Aw, I'm glad!

@Rowan Buchanan: Thank you! I quite like how Tate came out in that panel.

@Soxry: The only one he knows! Haha.

@tamagochi: Maybe they're safe on a tour bus somewhere, one that they decked out like in the Dawn of The Dead remake.

@Trinityfazbear: Oh yeah, he is totally dead!

@Trinityfazbear: They're special snowflakes! They can see without eyes, it's like one of their many talents XD
@ASGJ: Haha, he needs to build up that social link! And thank you very much, that's really nice to hear!
@princeling: Thank you! Haha, Billy was pretty cute, I suppose. I miss him too sometimes.
@Slayernice: Yeah, he's got his moments of 'weakness'.
@lazy-lil-king: Let's pretend I actually know the lyrics to the rest of that song and am singing along with you.

@Slayernice: Hahah, you're right!

@potatoe1988: Aw, things are OK in the world at this point. But that would be a bitch to do if they tried it now.
(Blank speech bubbles are deliberate. Just getting that out there. Dialogue upcoming, I promise. Also, Charlie looks like a dork pre-apocalypse).

@Slayernice: Thank you!

@Guest: Thank you! And there'll be dialogue again soon.
This is amazing so far, and intriguing! I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes! For your first webcomic, it's really impressive, the pacing and everything works really well, and it's wonderfully illustrated!
@Slayernice: Indeed!

@potatoe1988: Thank you :D I'm happy you like them.
(Not much happening in this page).

@DestinySnow: Yeah, they've still got some sentiment for the dead. (Maybe not so much the undead, ha).

@Slayernice: I thought it was a nice idea, and very much something Tate would do.