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I seriously do not think it takes like over 2 years or whatever to make a 30 minute long animation -___-
lol, the good old days, when this was a
comic series that had potential and fans.
oh well. Some things just die.
I bet he isnt even doing the flash, I mean
how long does it take y'know, Unless you are creating a full long movie, (7 hours) I gave up long ago.
Oh ok thanks.
Awfull at spelling.
Omg, Complicated Words!
Hi guys, I know I havnt been really up to scratch with updating and how Many Times I should Update, Im just very lazy, but that is to be expected, from me, camds! (Lol) Well anyway, I Just might do another issue today, so Mabye prahaps you havnt seen the last of me today lol. In other news, I was up all night thinking of things to add to the plot, I thought the plot I had was a tad plain, But I figured out a really good thing to help make the plot even better, I wont reveal much but here is a clue; "MightKnight". OOOOO I bet your exited...Or mabye not, but either way, You will be when you see it in a few issues time, mabye more. Oh plus I added a new characters page where you can see the bios for all the characters, Well not all of them because I have not finished it yet, but most of the main characters. Im just happy this issue got out, now I realise I did kirby to light for the pannel in no. 6, and will go and edit it in a second. I Hope you can enjoy this issue, Im just glad now we can start with the intresting stuff. Enjoy!

lol, I had to add that in.
Loud and Proud!
Hi guys, Remember me lol, Im always complaining about me not doing very many issues and bieng very busy, and guess what...Today is no differant! I originally created half of this issue 3 days ago, But Unfortunatly alot of things have come up, for starters I have been introduced to a new MMO called Sword of the new world, Which is a Pirate based one, with fantasy in it, And so thats another thing to take up more of my time, For more info visit:
So that is an awsome game so it took up more of my time making it, secondly, I am a lazy son of a mushroom and can hardly be bothered to do anything, which is not good. And thirdly..Ehh, I have been busy playing the pub games for Fable II and Lego Batman, (Both games Pwn!) Onto a lighter note, (A much lighter note if you ask me) I have Made a few changed to the website, for starters its background has been changed to pink, (W00t!) And we have new buttons and a button at the bottom for posting comments, But one thing I find impossible to find, in the HTML coding is how to change the logo at the top to a bigger one, if anyone could tell me how to, ( ON THE BLINGMOBILE TEMPLATE) and tell me the right awnser I could put there KIRBY!!! character in my comic for a 1 or 2 issue Cameo, So there we go!
Now I really like this issue That I made, It has a certain awsome quility to it, the 3rd pannel I liked alot because it really does look like there hiding behind a bush outside the castle. Also the 1st 2 pannels, OMG, who is this secret nemesis, who? WHOO?, if any of you know by the shape of his body, keep quite, this is a spoiler free zone :D
So I hope you enjoy this issue, to make up for the lack of issues I may possibly do another issue, so there we go.

ShadowLuigia: Understood, I was never to good at spelling, but I will fix the title :D
ahh, but thats the thing, is he?
Woot for new poot!
Ok, your options are, you have three reaons to kill me, just three, not two, not one, not seven, just three, first reason, Im as lazy as hell. Understandable, thats another reason this issue is quite late. The second reason, is because I got shot and died. Of course If I died, which I did, I wouldnt be able to make this issue. And three, I have decided to haitus this comic, Its true, Im gonna do it like all my other comics. Now I want you to shh, and listen, None of those reasons are true, I didnt get shot in the leg, Im not putting this comic on haitus, and Im certainly not laz- Wait, Ok mabye that one is true, I am very lazy indeed. The real reason for no update is that My computer had a horrible worm, (Virus) And We had to re-format the computer, luckely I copied all my comic stuff onto a disc, So I had it all when I started again with a fresh computer, I must admit it feels wierd having hardely anything on your computer, almost mutant like. Anyway, You herd my excuse so there. Onto news on this issue, I thought since I re-formatted I would change the text of the comic. Very snazzy, thankyou blambot for all your great fonts. So metaknight is back, after everyone is in terror and torture, bieng forced to dig in the mines etc. But metaknight has a Plan, and I know what your thinking, its not to sneek up on kirby like he does to everyone, (Kurtosy of Kirby: Right back at ya) So Overall I really hoped you enjoyed this issue, make sure to RATE!, fav, comment, and most of all, ENJOY!

Oh no!
Oh great, so although king dedede sold the kingdom to an unknown foe for a lolly-pop that is probably worth apsolutely nothing, he traded the kingdom to a complete psycho mad-man who want to change everything in the kingdom, it just gets better and better for King Dedede.
Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this issue. Because I certainly enjoyed making it. Remember you, You should comment, fav, critizise, advertise, rate, and most of all, you cant forget this one, ENJOY!

Thanks guys:
Oh and KIRA, what im trying to do is bring
out alot of issues of a particular comic and see how people take it. But just because I havnt updated a comic in a while doesnt mean Im finished with it.
Two issues in a day, oh my god, it cant be true, Well...It is, Occasionaly when Im bored I might make more thann one issue, but you should be happy about that, it doesnt mean Im rushing them, because I infact spend a lot of time making them. Hey mabye one day I might make three issues O.O
and yes, this is todays issue, king dedede has officaly traded Dreamland for a very yummy scrummy lolly-pop, But I cant blame him, it does look very yummy indeed. Poor king dedede. No one understands how mentaly retarded he is. Lol. Anyway I hoped you enjoyed this issue. It is a double :D
Comment, rate, fav, vote, Enjoy!

Yeah, that comic was great, but this will
be much better!
Yeah, only to show an advert on this comic :D
Hooray another issue!
I did this issue last night while spending ages trying to find a new speech bubble style, and I am proud to say that these are our new ones, there alot better and indicate who is talking easier incase your finding it hard to find out who is talking. So basically this is the start, King dedede or "Triple D" as I like to call him has sold the entire dreamland to an unknown foe, Incase your wondering, in this comic dreamland is basically everywhere, I know in the games dreamland is that little section on the last boss, but on this one, dreamland is the whole like, country, city, watever. Thanks to king dedede's stupidity this is how it started, I wonder what he traded for the whole dreamland, probably something stupid knowing its Kind Dedede. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this issue, the new speech bubbles. I might have another one done tonight because I made this one yesterday, SO CROSS YOUR FINGERS!
Anyway enjoy, fav, comment, etc.

Hooray for the first issue of Trouble in dreamland, staring yours, ours, and probably nintendo's, Miyamoto's, erm..Yeh, YOURS TRULY, KIRBY!!
Kirby:Hey Camds, hows things going here.
ME: its going good kirbster, Do you know why I have started this new comic.
Kirby: No, I have no idea what so ever?
ME: Its to celebrate the new Kirby superstar ultra for the Nintendo DS, I got it a few days ago, and let me tell you it is brilliant, go to your supermarket and buy it.
Kirby: I couldnt agree more, nice job camds.
ME: thanks kirbster, THAT WAS KIRBY PEOPLE, KIRBY!
So you better enjoy this comic, While my others Are on hiatus. Its a darker version of kirby comics, Much darker, Mwahahah. *Cough, cough, cough* *DIES*

This comic needs work, the one thing I dont like is that that whole scene of fighting no one did anything!