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Ps-- I couldn't help noticing an incredibly cute rump. Though now is *not* the time for a certain person to squeeze it in greeting. And he would, I know it.
Awkwardness & disgust is right. Congrats, you did it!

I hope the door is bleach resistant -- can't imagine anything else to destroy all traces. Bleargh. :/
I second all the above! :)
Welcome back, with many thanks for all your work!
Glad you were able to upload everyone in a happier mood -- they all really deserve one :)
Ennui is a synonym for boredom, but not with this madcap around. Ravii's new boss hangs around some different people, for sure. :p
September 13th, 2017
@Manx: Why not? I have for a long time :)
September 13th, 2017
Kerim already understands so much about everything :)
Cute little bird is cute until flustered? Jeeze, he didn't have to go stagefront declaration :P
@Novae Comic: Raziol might have had Sulvain in mind (as well) when he said handsome? It would fit ;)
@FinyMime: Sure looks that way ;)
September 9th, 2017
Kahim is very well educated ... but is he good at baking honey biscuits? <-- Most important question :)
There must be a tranq out there that works on grumpy vipers. Talk about a hissy fit.
@memoryERROR-13: Kylee butt, even? ;)
September 8th, 2017
Trees needed some fertilizer, decided to grab some on sale (free, even!) :D
Are my eyes playing tricks, or did he nuzzle a shoulder? I'd check the cute-o-meter, but it popped the gauge :D
Better timing was never seen :P
Somebody went on a diet & overdid it.

That was one damn surprise, can't wait for Brand to show up!
I'm rooting for Fleur 110%, he's the best ever!
Husky attendants with the straitjacket show up yet? Two hundred years of haunting uncertainty could unhinge anyone, I get that. That doesn't permit him to endanger innocent people, obviously. It's time for the posse to show up!
@AutumnWolf20: Soon, I wish :P