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That was a train wreck, for sure. Time for rescue & damage repair soon, I'll wish.
Blinking light = approval? Let the fun start, then! I bet their first date will be hottest ever ;)
The hall prickfect deserved every disrespect possible. Adrian should get an "A" for honesty :)
@Lingua_Franca: He could use a few functioning brain cells, as well. Between the ruler & his head, the original ones are shut down by compression trauma.
That's one carrot even a desperate bunny would reject.
There's an awful lot to cover in one conversation ... shame there's not a DVD he could watch. "Vrani History & Prophetic Visions" V. 1
Nice pinch there :)*lolz*
It's a refreshing change, in a way. He didn't stuff a hand down Sulvains' pants like he would in some other BL. Not faulting that, just appreciate a different approach sometimes :)
Somebody passed Asswipe Proficiency, definitely. :p
Doesn't the Official Uke Handbook say; "The seme must always accompany his uke to social functions"? Of course, Ed will be happy to escort him :)
November 18th, 2017
It's sad the computer wrecked your work :(

Please, feel free to post pages without gray ... being in a rush is always difficult. And, wish you pleasant travel!
"You're welcome to the card, if you stick it up your ass first. Scout's honor, ok?"
Best reply: How about my lunch card? You're welcome to the breakfast garbage.
November 17th, 2017
That reminds of a quote from Churchill: "When they confront an unknown truth, most men manage to go on their way as if nothing happened."
November 16th, 2017
I tried voting this 5 stars, but the graphic hiccuped. The thing jumpd around & pops an error msg when mouse pointer is moved close to it.
The assclown is fussing that much over a missing tie? A polite reminder would have been on target. As is, the creep is just collecting enemies.
November 16th, 2017
I agree with Huntik13 ... Arei could really use a break.

Nobody brought an inflatable bridge? Dratit!
November 16th, 2017
He does have a sinister appeal ... makes me think of poison in an attractive bottle.
I was *not* expecting that :P

hm ... what else can he do 1000x better than humans can? ... er um never mind (blushing)
Good save there, Big R :)
Wish you a very pleasant visit to NY!

Arco is very well put together, lucky Crouton :)