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I can't see any issues at all with the gray tones, everything looks fine to me :)

Though I'm taken aback by him yelling at that sweet ball of sunshine.
@unknown-phenomenon: Can I have a ginger ale then, please & thanks? Watching this is thirsty work, after all.
Somebody looks a bit less than pleased.
Looks like things have worked out OK ... well better than OK, depending who you ask.

Ulii in panel 3 = Berserker supermodel :)
@purple.prose: Not at all, t.b.h. I had the same thought. Who's perfect, anyhow?
Somebody is going to learn the hard way?
Welcome back! I'm upvoting all the comments before mine :)
Pffft! Somebody might feel embarrassed a bit later, but knowing them? Probably not.
Ah, OK. I guess it's like a journal or diary with some really horrific passages. Not something anyone would want to read unless they really had to.
Any dragons in the area hiring out as transport security?
I'm upvoting what everyone else said :)x2
How did they become so cute? It could be something genetic? BL mysteries puzzle the universe :)
Pffft. Expressions in panel #4 are priceless, no kidding! Death is going to give Sulvain a ribbing about that, I bet. :P
Ten days that shook the world -- his world at least :)
May 20th, 2019
Thank you for the update, it's wonderful to read good news! Glad to hear you found a decent job -- no worries about the delay.

Jin could really use some mouthwash right now, those must be some nasty germs!
@dreamingsketcher: I sure hope so. It's just too damn good to leave on the table :/
Bedside manners are awful.
Bara dad is the hottest! :)
He was eating alone in the prev. version, I hope it's not that snotty one who kept obsessing with him. :/
Liam needs a foot up his ass, no kidding. It's a shame about the stitches :(