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Yipe. This is not fun. Though maybe it's something he ate. That's bad enough.
I'm starting to melt a bit. Pardon while someone mops me up :)
October 15th, 2018
@NenaMataHari: There might be the 0.01% that never used an alarm clock. Otherwise, yes for sure :/
That convo with his dad was a real landmark, I'd say. I kinda wish he'd recorded it, but guess there was no good reason to. :)
I'm glad you got the chance to draw Leo again, really missed the big fellow :)
Kitties get grumpy if you interrupt, sometimes. Especially around dinner. :p
Bitey, what a naughty snook. He's going to put you in a hairnet for that offense. :/
Poor fairies, do they even have a labor union? Sebastian is going to have so many things to bitc- uh tell about when he gets home. Hope he can drag Ulii out of there soon.
Biggest meanie ever! Poor guy.
It's beyond belief they're siblings. Nobody switched tags in the nursery?
Ps-- I was going to say something about showering together, but no. Not yet :P
He doesn't know that Jake lives with a world class asshole. And really? The couch would be a better place than where he is now. It's time for someone to have a new roomie, possibly more ;)
I haven't seen this side of Fang-daddy. He & Daniel have a ways to go yet, but I'm confident in them both. :)
That's just plain rude. Somebody was raised in a barn :D
Welcome back :)
That's one dessert with an encore recipe, no kidding :D
September 29th, 2018
Khedri isn't perfect, but he's way ahead of plenty others. If anyone can manage a "cure campaign", it's him. (Winged hottie is too big a hot head, imho .. just my 2 bits)
@Seruta: I'm sure she does, and ships them 100% ;) :)
This pair is killing me, not that I mind :D
September 27th, 2018
Howie = best couch pillow ever!