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It's time to toss some insecurities in the trash can & get on with their new life together. Walking away will *not* work anymore!

Ps- People around them are going to think whatever they want. No way to change that :/
Is there a way to collect surplus angst & send it out for processing?
And btw, isn't deciding all that on his own a lousy idea? Relationships are supposed to be a 2-way street, yes?
This rewrite is going really well. Thank you for all your work on that!

Poor little bean. Though I'm sure he'll manage OK, this can't be an easy situation for him.
I get that his concerns are legitimate, but shouldn't there be a mutual discussion? Before either one decides anything?
I admit feeling disappointed, but do understand your situation. Thank you for all your work these past six years, I very much appreciate the time, talent, & effort you've invested. Wish you every good fortune in present & future endeavors! :)
I'd like to think he tries out with the whole team, with repeat tryouts yet to produce a definite winner :P....
@deee45: I'm happy to second that. Glad I found this, it's priceless :) :3
Aza isn't much on horticulture, but who's perfect? :P
I'm trying to imagine how Anthony ever got involved with an ass like Liam. Happens to the best of us, though. :)
He has to look through all that to find the right change? I wouldn't touch it, otherwise.
@NikuComics: Honey makes sense, he's such a sweet cake!
@dalfairy2510: And doesn't put up with it for half a second. Well maybe a whole second, lolz. :D
He's getting spanked? This is getting interesting! :P
March 29th, 2019
Will bara daddy see their first smooch & go into fanboy mode? Um never mind, just letting my imagination go for a sec. :) ;)
Kinda cute, in a way :)
Airline? Wait, never mind. I get it. :)
And no clippers handy, either. Time to leave, maybe?
If they turn into giant hornets, somebody will get what's coming to them. And I'll have my laughs for the week. :D :P
Somebody got banned for life. And not by meek little mice :D
Welcome back, glad to hear your dad has started recovery :)