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I guess it's still early to send wedding invitations ... though it's fun to think of their outfits. Or maybe a ceremonial leash -- never mind. I will not have such thoughts, promise. Until next week.
@Kwildshine: He has to use both, besides ;)
@memoryERROR-13: *lmao* Spot on!
Welcome back! :)
I'm very glad to see this, what a yummy late summer surprise!
Nom nom Acario finger is the best.
Ps-- The little guy reading "over the shoulder" is just too cute!
Glad to see you back, here's looking forward to some great stuff! :)
Ps-- Are those fairies going shopping or giant mosquitoes? They're kinda cute, whatever they are :)
Well, somebody enjoyed the menu somewhere :)
This is going to be so much fun -- but not for that hunter son of a bitch. Anyone calling dibs on hunter fricassee?
Ouch! Please rest well & mend soon, I am sure Jerome & Nubi will be fine :)
As others say, take what time you need, your health is the most important!
Someone like that deserved getting belted in the head, though.
One of those reruns that you can't turn off. Bad as it gets!
August 2nd, 2018
Hear, hear! Uncensored are an amazing change from light saber weenies :) :P
Happy Anniversary, best wishes for many happy years more!

Ps- Is it a wolfberry cake? He sure didn't wait for the ceremonial slice :P
Someone has their sharpies showing. Pointy ears look interesting too :)
They'll exchange rings soon? Maybe? ;)
Here's wishing you all the best of outcomes! I know how frustrating technical (meaning PC) issues can be. We'll all be crossing fingers it works out OK :))
@WarriorNun: I doubt they'll have a church wedding, though. Just saying :p
Could it be pulling for the same reason, I wonder? Time will have to answer though...