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Not sure what I could write that already hasn't been -- amazingly hot & yummy stuff here!

Btw, from history & context of the story;
I'm convinced that Kim would never intentionally mistreat Kylee.
Thank you for the update, was waiting for this! It's good that Mic is making up for lost time, to say the least :) ;)

Ps-- There's no reason why you should have to draw anything explicit. IMHO, this fits perfectly with what you're trying to convey about the four main characters.
He'll have to check his shorts for any wrinkles (in the back)?
"...just a day pass?" Pffft. Adrian is a crackup & doesn't know it.
Ps-- Thank you for the 2x update, you're doing a great job with this!

My goof; uncle is planning a poz++ thinking plan for wolfboy.
The dad is going to teach him positive thinking! :)
He's not letting him get away with anything, which is all for the best. Shut off the BS valve -- you can do it, Zeggy!
@lazy-lil-king: I love that phrase, it's spot on! :)
It's not the Grand Hallway Knight, yes? That weenie would have the chains & shackles on him by now.
Uh oh. He should have read the fine print before leaving contracted employment.
Pffft. :p
I didn't know mer-people could do that :)
Thank you for the update, these two are one of the best BL couples ever! :)

(Even if they forget a detail now & then)
That cretin is failing gym, even? And now the whole campus knows *LMAO*
@The Orange Cow: Rule #5: Chasing cars or carts is *absolutely* off limits.
He didn't exactly talk up Ari *pffft!*
If I add more onto my Patreon, it's going to break me. That said, I'll be glad to save for a few months' worth :)
Partners in crime, maybe? But do they know about the mark on Ulii, I wonder ... this is getting interesting :)
February 10th, 2018
Compared to Seth, Thoth is a saint :p

But, I do see what you mean about that XD
The kitty reminds me of Mika -- adorable! Anthony won't be easy for him to resist, if he even wants to :)