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A whole house full of cuties!? Will the "kyaaa" factor set a new record soon? ;) :)
Cutest lunch items ever :)
Welcome back, no issues here with waiting!
Campy & classical is the winner! :)
I doubt he'll show up in a firemans' uniform. Though that would be funny for Halloween :D

Also, thank you for the update! Seeing this made my day into a smile fest :))
Someone needs to shut their yap & mind about their own work.
September 27th, 2019
Alida doesn't miss anything. Clinical psychologist, maybe? Detective as well, since she can spot BS a mile away.
I don't really get why they should separate. Ulii might as well give himself a break & go for the butt, I mean destined treasure :) ;)
September 26th, 2019
I'm upvoting what the first two wrote :)

Ps- Chris has an injured cutie to rescue, should princess carry him to med assistance ASAP
Here's counting down to the first nosebleed. :D
It never rains, but it sure pours.
1000 years in that stone, no time off or holiday furlough? Poor thing. He's going to be busy catching up.
You're right, allies can make a huge difference! :)
@Kittycalls: Even bad luck runs out some time. Now he has Kylee & Razor in his life, best luck ever :)
September 11th, 2019
They're making good progress -- at being idiots with each other :D

Riley really really needs to catch a break, poor tidbit.
Our Destined Pair: 1
Third Wheel: 0
@Ruby_Phoenix: I'd like to think they're already in the slammer -- doubt they could have gone very far.
September 6th, 2019
He needs a recipe for roasted monster deer.
Tez will admit peeking in? Poor Metz, cornered like that. :(
My favorite detail is Razor curled up on the pillows -- my next fave is that floating caption *LOL*