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Ugly sqek is the last word on anything XP
Red Rose Society is way in front of the Pink Pucker Club. :P
Finally, Raskin & Taavi get to see each other :)))
They really have a lot to sort through, this should be interesting!
Is the coffee warmer plugged in? So I'll wish. =)
Practice makes perfect, right? Unless maybe the field ran out of rocks. Keep at it, Ari! :))
Hurray, double update! :) :)

Uh-oh, are claws starting to show on Fens' fingers? That can't be good. There's not a manicurist close by either, I'd bet. Teeth are looking good though. Unless he -- oh no.
The red head she's admiring looks like somebody close by ;)
Welcome back, so glad you've been able to recover & do more of the things you're happy with :)
Not to be vulgar, but I'm looking forward to their meat sword battle ;)
@unknown-phenomenon: Ouch! But isn't he going to be the uke, anyhow? :P
I'm very glad his day ended on a good note! It's not like Tea can't sneak him some cake later on ;) :)
Friends who share porn together, stay together. :)
Is there a bare-bottom Julien in the immediate future? Nothing like a submarine attack from the rear ;)
He is taking notes, yes? Someone might want him to learn some of that. But no names mentioned. :)
No worries here, thank you for the update on everything. Sorry to hear about your tablet, though. Ouch!
Everyone has something they're not good at. Poor Ari. Maybe he'll find his natural talent soon. Well eventually.
Good luck with your new comic, I certainly enjoy this one!
Ps-- The chibis are cute beyond words :)
Three of my relatives plus a family friend were English majors. I can understand what Marcus is saying, though difficult to explain.
Woho, an actual conversation :)
He can't just pick the damned olives out & chow down? *lolz*
@di-chan: Same here, and I don't even like tomatoes. Catsup, spaghetti sauce, etc. I'm good with. But tomato pieces? Blargh.