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18 day stretch? Ack! They had better be paying you a decent rate! $$ = :))
Nothing out of the ordinary here, pay no mind ;)
Somebody let their hair down a bit ;) :)
February 19th, 2019
Sorry to hear about the layoff, but glad you have something new set up.

Thank you for the update, this looks interesting!
Welcome back :)
@Chippy: Defuse it with a baseball bat or 2x4, I'll wish.
This is going somewhere major, though t.b.h. I don't have a clue where. Scary analogy!
Some of the best gestures ever :)
Someone said he's too short? After blasting a 200+ lb object through the wall? Worse fool them!
I know it's the best idea, but it's a slight let-down from the wholesale destruction I'd braced for. Here's my wish that chibi throws him through a window :)
@Tsuru: Kims' big fat magic wand is the best! :P...
Hurray for Kylee, choosing the right horse! (Or cow :)
Thank you for the update, I love how this is going! :)
January 26th, 2019
Here's my third to Tora & Kel-Jo, happiest things to you all :)
He's leaving out one or two details, but no matter ;)
January 12th, 2019
Oh noes Jin said a naughty!
Ps-- Please don't mind any possible imperfections, chances are you're the only one to notice then anyhow :D
I second & third what the first two said :)
Please tell me that somebody brought marshmallows. Since there's no sign of a fire extinguisher, might as well make the best of it :)
Glad you made it back, thank you for the 2x update! Wish you happiest of the new year :))
Wish you a very happy New Year! The new cover looks wonderful -- it captures the mood so well!