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I'd like to believe he hasn't yet grasped what the present might offer him. Maybe he'll get a friendly squeeze :)
That was a poorly timed joke. Although it *is* funny as hell :D
Louis is going to be beyond pissed off. As in taking no prisoners & other scary things.
@Liv3lafLuv: Rubens' bf? You mean Victor? He got busy practicing knots & restraining techniques -- wonder why? :P
Here's wishing you smoother sailing very soon! You've certainly given some of us a reason to smile -- I'm sure the same is heading your way :)

You do awesome work with this comic, thank you so much!
Even though he doesn't know it, things will be better from now on (I wish 1000x!)
Oh nooooes ... poor Ravii! His past is heartbreaking, cliched as that sounds. Doesn't *anyone* want him to be happy? Or even think of him in a good way?
Wish you happiest of birthdays! :)

Bastet has an excellent rapport with humans, I'm sure. If anyone can convince Jerome he is treasured for himself, Bastet is the one. =]
Nothing could change at all in 200 years, not no way no how. Oh & somebody needs to shut up & start listening.
@Chocari: They couldn't have been better spoken ...
All I can do is second what everyone else wrote in :)

Here's looking forward to what transpires!
Aiden can't fake voices, can he? Wyatt looks a bit decompressed right now to handle awkward questions. :^/
He still knows those "wishes" were none of his idea & none of his inclination to grant. That's one good thing to remember.
I can't blame him for being angry, though. Seems likely to me the culprit knew someone else would be suspected first. Long enough for damning leads to be hidden.
@maeriyong: Yes, they are for sure. Talk about a match made in the cesspool -- those two really complement each other.
After getting poor Agnes calmed down a bit, Elis needs to figure out a really good wish.
That's so sweet that Jerome took Nubis' hand; perhaps a turning point as well. I don't mean he should squeeze Jeromes' butt in front of Bastet, though.

I have an unpleasant idea the rest of Kahims' scarab is in NY city :(
No wonder that kiss on the head flummoxed him. Finally, somebody who likes him for himself (well and his sexy body also ;)
No surprise if he decides to destroy a few would-be "masters". I'd do the same thing, tbh.