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@Fastgirl01: Same here :)
My attention got grabbed by Razorblade, what a little cutie!
Beware of falling fire deer?
The backgrounds look OK to me, I just wonder what the crossed swords mean. :)
This made my day, thank you author! :)
Doesn't deer repellent work for the carnivorous ones?
Perseverance pays the best, no 2 ways about it. I really enjoy this story & am so glad you decided to update it! Btw, I can barely manage to draw stick figures, no kidding. You're a billion miles ahead of me :D
Congrats on the 30K subs!

Ps-- Uke noticed a spare zucchini nudging his lower back? ;)
Thank you for the announcement, here's looking forward to next week! I do have some questions that have been churning in the back of my mind, but want to get them expressed well enough :)
It's time for someone to finish what Coralee started. Louie really needs this garbage behind him!
Aw drat, update still upcoming! Hope all is well in college, I remember how much I hated it back in the day.

Is there any such beast as an all-purpose generic background you can apply anywhere? Don't mind my silly comments btw, just my way of saying thanks for all your hard work. (Hope the 2 or more guys get to some "hard" stuff of their own ... /me runs & hides under table)
He's looking better, for sure :)
Damn nice anatomy there, and that's with his clothes one ;)

Great job drawing sexy guys with (unintentionally??) enticing outfits!
I really like the color palette you're using! Purples, blues, and greens in bright pastels :)
This stopped rather suddenly & w/o warning. I hope the author is doing OK.
Small fliers can carry big info :P
Thankfully, restaurant staff have a motorized cart. Heavy duty, even. :D
@LilyFlareVII: Oh hush, don't spill the beans yet ;)
Failsafe, shmailsafe. Dead is still dead & you're staying that way, arse wipe.
@Monika: I'm glad to see she's doing well, cutest little furball in the state :)
I can't see any issues at all with the gray tones, everything looks fine to me :)

Though I'm taken aback by him yelling at that sweet ball of sunshine.