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I actually finished this comic well before the deadline of 12PM today, but I forgot to set it to upload! It wasn't until I checked the site right now that I realized that I never uploaded it! Enjoy the late update.
Im at the Brick Universe Lego fan convention in Wilson County Tennessee, and I brought two friebds with me. Theyll be spending most of the time in my pocket, though.
Just in case people won't see it, there's a new news post in the Comic news tab about the next upload.
@Foolish Bricks: Hardly. I just overlayed two pictures. The name is referring to the red bricks showing off their powers. Maybe one day I'll show off too, but I'm very lazy.
The strip will only be updating on Fridays from now until next summer. This is to avoid going on a long hiatus like years past. I'm unable to make comic pages outside of the summer season.
@RazorD9: Thanks for pointing that out. No idea how that happened.
It took me a couple years, but I finally got decent timing on one of my jokes. I make these pages a few days in advance, and this one was made the day after the Helsinki summit.
So you may notice that the picture quality is pretty bad in this page. I'm having trouble with my camera's SD card, so I had to use my phone. The first two pictures really don't look very good, do they?
That's a small glance at the set I was building earlier. It isn't finished, so I can only show you guys one of the windows, but Mr. Morgan's mansion should show up in the comic soon.
I took the day off yesterday because I'm building a set for an upcoming story and I needed more time to finish it.
How opinions change...
When I wrote the joke for this page over four years ago, I was mainly referring to characters in marvel comics often following DC characters with similar powers and designs, but suffice it to say that has changed. As far as the film's go currently, it seems like things are the other way around now. My how things change...
Sorry for the late upload. Lost track of time. Tomorrow's will be on time.
I've been making some new sets during the offseason. Each member of the team has a unique room, and here's three of them.
Unfortunate Update
I have to push this date from the 20th to the 24th. This is because I had some unexpected issues with my photoshop subscription and I didn't get it fixed in time to make enough comic pages before I went on vacation. I've started making new pages now, but I wont have enough done to start again on the day I promised. Many apologies.
I'm trying to incorporate Hana's powers more since I've never really used them.
Sorry... again
So, I've missed two upload dates. I was supposed to put up an episode yesterday and the day before, but yeah... I don't really have much of an excuse aside from the fact that I literally don't know where to go from here. I have a very limited set and no ideas, but I really am trying to work a way past it.
@AssassinPerson: Dont forget, you can PM me about a cameo whenever you want. I'll agree to most things.
@AssassinPerson: I'd love to make a cameo if you're offering. Also, sorry that I didnt' update the comic yesterday. I've been a bit sick, but there should be a new one soon.
Once again, I'm not going on hiatus, but my schedule is changing dramatically. I'm gonna be off at college and even though I will have time to work on this comic, I simply don't have enough space in my dorm room to take the MASSIVE amount of Legos this comic takes to make. As a compromise, I'm instead uploading only once a week, Fridays at noon, and I'll be only using the Evil Lab set with a few choice characters.

This next chapter of The Odd Bricks will be "sort of canon" in the series. By that I mean a few things won't actually be consistent (I.E. Elias won't be in any of the episodes) but you can still accept it as part of the story.

Thank you to everyone who's stuck with me this long!
@RazorD9: Only if you want to get into specifics...