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OMG this is going to sound SOOOO lame but I just HAVE to say it...I sooo forgot my password so I couldn't upload more comiiiics!! LMAO!! Anyway, we're not dead!! We're alive and working on more SmxX for you ÑÑ
No, that only makes you a super cool person XD
Omigoshhh! mystic shoes of deathh DX!! lol
And so, the infamous Senje appears...
Run, Serenity, run!!
Who is this Senje character everyone keeps talking about?? Stay tuned to find out ;)!!!
Heyy! sorry for the wait, you guys!! I just reformated my computer so I can work faster on the manga!! Hope you're enjoying it so far! wheee!
ajaja ay bre, te pasas XD
Sailor Moon guild??
Where?? I want in!! XD
WOW! muy chido tu comic!! Los hombres muy wapos y las niñas dan envidia ;D!! jajajaja sigue asi!!

PD Gracias x visitar mi webcomic :)
Awesome comic O_O!! (and the pinup!! *fangirlish squeal* It totally rocks!! I'll probably send you some fanart one of these days ;D

PS Thanks for visiting my manga thing ^-^
Las Sailors Amazonas XD
Las chavas que ven ahí son el cuarteto amazonas. Como ya se mencionó, en el manga ellas fueron nombradas las sailors guardianas de Rini. .jpg
The Amazoness Quarteet O_O!!
As I mentioned before, the Amazoness Quartet were made Chibiusa's guardian senshi: Sailor Pallas, Sailor Vesta, Sailor Juno and Sailor Ceres.
Just check em out XD .jpg
La sailor que ven en el panel de la derecha hasta abajo es Sailor Vesta (VesVes). En el manga original de Sailor Moon, el cuarteto amazonas es convertido hacia el bien y se proclaman las Guerreras Guardianas de Chibiusa ^^. Vesta es una luna de Venus, así que ella la sustituye.
The sailor senshi that appears in the bottom right panel is Sailor Ceres (SereSere). In the Sailor Moon original manga, the Amazoness Quartet is turned into good and named as Chibiusa's guardian Senshi team ^^.
If Usagi is NeoQueen Serenity what would Chibiusa (rini) be? New NeoQueen Serenity? Lady Serenity o-O?? Let's leave it at Lady Serenity ^^. And yes. that's minimoon ;D
Omigosh, it has been barely 10 minutes since I uploaded this last page and I already got 3 comments *w*!! Thank you so much for the support ^^!! Anyway, AnthyRose, it's not Chibi usa, it's Chibichibi, she was in Sailor Moon Stars ^^.