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Slim Kittens
First of all: happy birthday! Sounds like real life has been very 'eventful' for you while making it. Hope things are better now and I'm glad you didn't become crispy critters.

Robbie reverting eh? The plot thickens.
Cathy, don't think you'll change him. He'll treat you as badly in the future. Cut bait while you can.
Definitely worse than a bull in a china shop, unless the bull is "Oh, that one wasn't important to you was it? And you weren't fond of that one, right? And those should be easily replaceable." I also doubt Robbie will be able to 'make it up to her later'. There's nothing like taking something personal and special and using it to exhibit you like a trained monkey.

Cathy: "Robbie, I want you to take Melodie AND me to Homecoming."
Classy, Robbie.
I would have been disappointed in Robbie if he'd let that opportunity pass by.
@Darkhalo4321: Jason runs the risk of getting too nervous on a date.
Melodie's just concerned that being around a real girl could give Jason a heart attack.
Cathy needs to learn how to be more confident and self-assertive.
@Darkhalo4321: If that's super glue in panel 5 they're in big trouble.
Way to go. Another moment with Melodie ruined.
When your mind goes blank because your crush is near.

I know the feeling.
Awkward teenage silences. Blushes too.
Love the slippers in panel 2.
The Pole Vault? Seriously?
A chance to see Derek and Val in happier times.
Look at Val's face in panel 5. That's someone who really needs hugs.
Slim Kittens
December 10th, 2016
Inge is enjoying this way too much.
Do I sense a bit of hostility?
"...And.. I'm sorry.."
"For what?"
"For thinking you're a creepy one-eyed dead guy who never sleeps (even if you ARE a creepy one-eyed dead guy who never sleeps).
Val: "'re kinda creepin' me out here."