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Slim Kittens
A chance to see Derek and Val in happier times.
Look at Val's face in panel 5. That's someone who really needs hugs.
Slim Kittens
December 10th, 2016
Inge is enjoying this way too much.
Do I sense a bit of hostility?
"...And.. I'm sorry.."
"For what?"
"For thinking you're a creepy one-eyed dead guy who never sleeps (even if you ARE a creepy one-eyed dead guy who never sleeps).
Val: "'re kinda creepin' me out here."
So the immensely strong cyclops is mentally unbalanced. What could go wrong?
So it's Sleep on Siblings night...
Put your arm around her, dammit.
Never trust a cyclops.
They blow up so fast, don't they?
I don't know what that cyclops thing is, but she's my new favorite character.
Baby Cookie Fox is hilarious!
What could go wrong?
Who couldn't trust that face in panel 2?
That turned creepy really fast.
Cookie Fox is hilarious!
I have a bad feeling about this.