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I'm a huge lover of manga's and comics (especially manga's) and I'm trying to be a writer.
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I actually like Atty's face, it's right amount of trying to smile, while holding in the urge to scream into the sky.
March 18th, 2018
I've been waiting so long for this :3
Wait, what!?
@H0lyhandgrenade: So this makes me feel I've just come back to a room where everyone's fighting, so I'm curious whats happened but part me thinks its best if its not repeated
Get well soon :)
I've loving Atty's expression in that panel it's just so good and conveys his distain for that picture so well
Yay! Happy for the update. Rather scared to know whats behind the door
I'm getting a Ferris Bueller's vibe from Atty look at that picture
So I'm guessing Iceland price Mr Grey got Callum involved in all that fake bdsm when Callum was at a vulnerable state over him fucking up. and now Avery is going to smash him in two. karma bitch.
@Biscuit: Yeah and he's so obviously creepy he might as well have a neon sign above him
How the fuck is not any single person making Jack stay away from the obviously creepy man?? SERIOUSLY!!!!
@JesBelle: then they all get fired. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
Who the f is this guy, I can't remember him and if he was in a past page, he certainly didn't leave an impression
I see through those nightmare eyes!!!!!!
I'm literally shocked!
well I think this scene is drawn really well, also what this scarfs guy names?
@Guest: what if Bart was a pokemon trainer who just gave up at it and ended up just travelling?
I hope in the next page he tells Joa to get out
Well at least Blondie (whats his name?) seems to be enjoying it XP
Welcome back! I can't wait to see more of Bart, seriously want to know what his back story is
Whatever happened to saying "we need to talk" and then flying into a rage, oh wait this is Reece were talking about