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I'm a huge lover of manga's and comics (especially manga's) and I'm trying to be a writer.
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    Stephen Broady
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January 16th, 2019
don't you been right XP
The last panel feels like its setting up for a change of art... BUTTT I kinda what him to go "nahhh" and just get DT back and give those pokemon to team rocket
Same Kasha, Same.
oh great its a couple more of those cult weirdos
I love me some abridge Shakespeare XD
Its ok, DanganRonpa is nice :) and I like the diary part, I'm not on tumblr any more (you have any other media?) so it's good to hear how your doing :)
YAY Glad to see you back!
That last panel got be giggling a storm XP
Todd is somewhere between excited about Cyril keeping the plant and generally being sarcastic... and I love it :D
Seeing him like that makes him look like a big kid. A murderous big kid.
Cyril was in world war 1 and the guy in his flashback was a really good friend who got shot down right in front of him
I just love this, sometimes you don't need dialogue to show whats happening :D
I love how you draw their eyes now :3
Panel just made me go, "yep I ship it" :3
I used to find Lacey scaring but now I think I just love her
I find it so funny she says that with that expression on her face XD
Past me the popcorn I can't wait to see what Meredith does next :D
I love the insincere flattery XD
Something I've wondered, Todd works for the government but also works in a café, why?