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I'm a huge lover of manga's and comics (especially manga's) and I'm trying to be a writer.
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    Stephen Broady
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This is making me hungry too :P
@baramasala: Web comics also apply :D
June 14th, 2019
Wait a minute....
Is that Charlie and Nick I spy???
George looks like she's gonna join the dark side in that lighting, and I'm like "yesss George, join the dark side, THEY HAVE CAKE! :p )
@Solvoc: I'm not sure where you are coming from exactly and honestly I think you can't see the forest for the trees. When you say Atty needs a keeper but George is someone who causes problems for him BUT then you say she shouldn't have left him alone. It's rather confusing. And last time I checked Team Rocket was a criminal organisation, and I can see where your coming from though, much like cults, its hard to leave a criminal organisation.
Here here
@AngryRobot: I agree. Atty did make the choice of joining TR and it was an actual moment were he got the chance to make a decision himself. So to say "Atty never wanted any of this" is kinda short sighted, after all, he could have said no to TR and would have been free to walk away (though that was only because of which member of TR he was talking to)
Call me suspicious but I have a badddddddddddddddddddddd feeling about these two
I hope George actually does something to help him, seriously I want DT AND ATTY REUNITED
Honestly didn't see that coming
@WandaWalker: FUCK, your right, I don't know why I didn't think of that XP
@WandaWalker: I voted to kill Kasha mainly cause he seems to me to have this high and mighty attitude and I'm always just done with that
I know I didn't vote to kill Duncan
@Quadrant: don't give them ideas
Now this is truly how i'd see Bart as a teenager, loud but still caring
@Biscuit: he always has to have his motives for saying something, even when he's pouring the T
OMG Now I don't read much Simpsons fanfics/fan comics (since the Simpsons for me jumped the shark a lot time ago) but this right here I love! Art style is Talent with a capital "T" Part of me is like, it's what the Simpsons should really be like today!
February 16th, 2019
Happy V day indeed :D
Despite how much I dislike Owen at times, he is so right in this moment. Maybe everyone should just go home and get the therapy they need.
Our little George has grown up...… I kinda miss the old George :( (seriously though I hope Atty tells George so they can help Atty)
OMG I'm just loving this, its so good! And its's been 10 years, wow! Also take as much time as you'll need with the next chapter, sending virtual support :D