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I'm a huge lover of manga's and comics (especially manga's) and I'm trying to be a writer.
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    Stephen Broady
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I'm just loving bad teacher, good teacher in the last panel XP
@Biscuit: That's what I was thinking and I was like (Seriously!! who you trying to impress, because no one is)
@YukixKaname1: still wearing his jeans.
Why was Owen even shirtless to begin with??
September 2nd, 2018
I can't believe its been 8 YEARS!!! Congratulations! Still wishing Transfusion had a tvtropes page
Asan you SO thirsty XD
You know, its moments like these that shows George is a lot more cunning than she seems... makes you wonder...
August 12th, 2018
Glad to see you back :)
As someone whose sister and her girlfriend are lesbians, I can testify that they indeed do not fart.
It's good to see you back, I hope it doesn't stop
YES YES YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As soon as I saw the look on his face I was like "DEVIL! DEVIL! DEVIL! Could you look any more obviously evil! DEVIL! DEVIL!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! and I can't believe it's been 8 years, surprised transfusions hasn't gotten a tvtropes page
If I wasn't British (though I'd be Parisian if I'm truthful) I'd vote for Dot 2020
Why do I get the feeling George's drawing is gonna (for some reason) impression them more
........ I think I'll skip the next page 0-0
I would have so loved like a silly mission to clean the mansion, with some of the companions taking Fenris on some sort of jaunt, while the other companions (you could pick which ones, and then get fun dialogue) clean up the mansion (and then get scenes of fenris and the other companions going round town).
I'm gonna start entering rooms like the drama club XP
This is just too cute