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>continue forward
>wait till you feel completely healed, then leave
>Keep the rapier and look for the best way to approach the spider
August 29th, 2015
Dave looked quite shocked
>Investigate the panel on the wall next to the pedastal
August 24th, 2015
Looks like cutman's day was cut short
>Investigate the strange holes in the pillars
wait... so did the symbiote confuse super sonic with shadow in dark age of Mobius?
wow, another page, awesome
Yeah this is going to get interesting
well, I was somewhat expecting this and I can't blame you
Raikou's personality is interesting
Darn legendary pokemon, you would think that they would grow up
Man, why couldn't we be in Matt's dream instead of Shard's?
violence, it is always a way to entertain children
What is White-Out doing anyway?
yes! greninja for next smash
hold on, if they could only send Kirby to the resort then why did they invite Kirby to bring friends??