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I'll work on this later.
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They're just forgetting the rest of the F.E.A.R. strategy.
@Surfersquid: yay! I found out the save was dead in the worst possible way: I had a cindaquil who wasn't just female, but was also shiny. I was so upset! The chances of finding it again are so low, I nearly quit pokemon. But you have given me hope!
@Surfersquid: How does one do this? I miss being able to save my silver and crystal.
@Martin Prower: Digimon just confirms it. But just look at pokemon. We keep our pokemon in computers, we use the pokedex to store information on them, when we catch a pokemon it gets transformed into a red beam of light and trapped inside a ball of varying technological quality.
@Surfersquid: You're awesome. That's the only reason we stick around. Also, in regards to the comic: BWAHAHA!
Nothing more needs said.
@MecanicalCH: Like any kids meal at McDonald's, it comes with a drink, fries, or another side, and a toy. Today's toy is the self-destruct toy. Tomorrows may be the 'kick-me' sign that you place on one's back.
@HaikenEdge: I think they go into the pokedex. That or pokemon fall into my theory as completely digital creations that can alter the universe.
Ah, I see you've ordered a helping of 'I was born yesterday.' Would you like a side order of 'derp' with that?
A nice THWACK is the solution to everything.
@MecanicalCH: It's okay, if he runs into the one with the planner, he'll make it. The one with the planner writes down EVERYTHING.
@Surfersquid: Don't encourage me! XD I'll send you a pic. Somehow.
Poke-farming Special Pokemon Mega Store
@MecanicalCH: I'm going to draw this. WE ARE HAVING THIS EXIST.
@Surfersquid: Maybe some rocket grunt wandered by and thought "Hey, this will make a lovely addition to my scrapbook." Then he took the picture. The scrapbook is called "Team Rocket's Greatest Moments!"
@Surfersquid: XD I'm glad! I love making crack theories on why they have the pokemon they do.
@Surfersquid: Tuesday: Thought about options for beating kid. Currently three new pokemon brought in, Rattata, Haunter, and Gyrados. Rattata sounds nice. I'm gonna name her Princess.
I'm excited! Good luck!
The minute he gave me that coin case, I practically quit the game to gamble.
I've never seen this pokemon before. *Shrugs* Gotta catch em all!
@MecanicalCH: Now what should I call you? XD
@MecanicalCH: *throws master ball*