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September 13th, 2015
I give you 5 flames way up ;)
Super cute art style. I just found your comic and am thoroughly entertained with what I've seen thus far.
I like how you seem to have created an alternate land and lingo for your characters. I wasn't that original with my comic lol
I like how the can did hit someone! Haha
Happy crack 😈
Cute page
@Mccull61: he has so lil feet! Lol
Oh, by the way... I think you forgot a t in the first box where Aaron is saying he "thought it'd be fun"
I'm excited to see June ice skate
Chapter One 2.0
It's in color! What do y'all think?
Preference for color or grayscale?
If I get some comments I may do color more often!
Is he wearing contacts?
Modra: oh my!
Lol I thought it was so cute his hand went to his mouth
For a second I thought cottons hair had grown crazy wild lol and then I realized it was his hood! Love the freeze framing on their faces ;)
Should I try adding color?
I was originally gonna draw him sitting on an Atari, but Gamecubes are some of the most durable systems ever so.... yeah. :)
Poke crop top :)
I like your art style :)
October 10th, 2014
@Cyna: interested! Where are details?
October 10th, 2014
@jezebel-polizia: I think she likes Elliot since she tripped out when him and jay were getting all close. Jay never asks what's going on in her life. He's focused wholly on himself :(
@villainesayre: 2nd panel :) he's angry with a green tank on lol
I love Heero too! Are you a GW fan?
He could be a space prince like ro ;)
Love their expressions :)
Your comment.... Off pffft I died laughing XD
I love this comic <3
;) glad you're feeling better
Costs? Will the first volume also be available?
I always enjoy supporting talented artists :)
September 26th, 2014
@Aspharr: I will now make a canary based off of your comment >.< lol
September 26th, 2014
Lol he looks like Heero yuy from gundam wing :)
Felix you assume too much...
What if miss Bellamy just happened notice a young man pass out in the rain...? I mean, I know she knows who is he, but Felix's assumption that she would stumble across him seems silly to me for some reason lol
I hate that he was going to leave him in the street to die >.< bastardo
Love your art! And congrats on reaching 900 fans! Epic ;)