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September 13th, 2015
I give you 5 flames way up ;)
Super cute art style. I just found your comic and am thoroughly entertained with what I've seen thus far.
I like how you seem to have created an alternate land and lingo for your characters. I wasn't that original with my comic lol
I like how the can did hit someone! Haha
Happy crack 😈
Chapter One 2.0
It's in color! What do y'all think?
Preference for color or grayscale?
If I get some comments I may do color more often!
Is he wearing contacts?
Should I try adding color?
I was originally gonna draw him sitting on an Atari, but Gamecubes are some of the most durable systems ever so.... yeah. :)
Poke crop top :)
I like your art style :)
October 10th, 2014
@Cyna: interested! Where are details?
October 10th, 2014
@jezebel-polizia: I think she likes Elliot since she tripped out when him and jay were getting all close. Jay never asks what's going on in her life. He's focused wholly on himself :(
@villainesayre: 2nd panel :) he's angry with a green tank on lol
I love Heero too! Are you a GW fan?
He could be a space prince like ro ;)
I love this comic <3
;) glad you're feeling better
Costs? Will the first volume also be available?
I always enjoy supporting talented artists :)
September 26th, 2014
@Aspharr: I will now make a canary based off of your comment >.< lol
September 26th, 2014
Lol he looks like Heero yuy from gundam wing :)
Felix you assume too much...
What if miss Bellamy just happened notice a young man pass out in the rain...? I mean, I know she knows who is he, but Felix's assumption that she would stumble across him seems silly to me for some reason lol
I hate that he was going to leave him in the street to die >.< bastardo
Love your art! And congrats on reaching 900 fans! Epic ;)
These awkward rides... Oh I remember these
Love it!
Uh oh where'd his glasses go?
@JesBelle: I love your comments :) I was thinking the same about the professor and his folks and what not so having someone else voice these thoughts made me happy. I was worried I'd been reading too much into it.
Isn't maya the little girl from your cafe comic?!
Love this :)