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June 14th, 2016
"Sexy boy" mode activated :3
@artificer urza: err... sorry ^^'
If I find some more mistakes, I'll tell you right away.
Since I intend to follow your work steadily from now on, I should be able to tell you soon enough for you to correct it before it's printed =p

Don't worry, I didn't see a lot of errors so far : your french is really good (and it's not an easy language to learn).

Well, I'm not bilingual neither, so I may very well make mistakes in english...
I really like your comic, both the story and the drawings =)

Moreover, I'm French and I must admit it's nice to see french sentences in an english book.

But there's one little mistake in the first french bubble : it should be "Vous êtes sûre qu'ils viendront ?" :
- the "en" at the beginning is not needed,
- since the bat is talking to a lady, you should write "sûre" and not "sûr" (yeah, yeah... french can be unnecessarily complicated).

Anyway, your comic is enthralling, I just can't wait to know what's gonna happen next ! :3
September 8th, 2014
Oh my, I got caught up in that story (^.^)
I wanna know what's gonna happen next \o/
Owwww... That's bad. Really.
I think I'm falling in love with this comic.

Gorgeous drawings, sense of humor, lovable caracters, enthralling story... all of that in a both absurd and perfectly logical world full of funny/strange/scary/ohmygodwhatisthatthing creatures.

Jeez... RGB, will you marry me ?
This strange little worm looks like some... sock puppet ?
Kinda cute =D
February 21st, 2014
That faces...
I've got to make a wallpaper with that picture... definitely !
Aaaawwwww, noooooo !
I wanted to see him fly \o/
February 4th, 2014
Oh my, poor little thing !
A shame you're made of paper, I wanna hug you sooooo bad !
I can't wait to see RGB flying around, hanged up to his cane :3
Hero's a clever little thing, isn't she ?
Go, go, go !, Hero !
But you'll need a wrench, I guess...
*knock, knock*
Are you all right, mister TV ?

Oh... a jellyfish coat ?
A slimy, living, jellyfish coat... great,I want one !
I love the third picture, she's just soooo cute.
And yes, that's a Fear head stuck next to you... close enough, wasn't it ?
Go home RGB, you're drunk.
Take a monkey wrench, go to sleep, and it will be all right by tomorrow morning.
Oh nice. He seems to be dancing. Graceful. Really nice movement. Reeeaaaalyy nice. And scary.

What ? To many "nice"s ?

The big gray mourning thing in the back is gonna have a bad time of it...
La classe, la classe, la classe ! C'est la PURE classe ! Oo
I can almost hear the epic music that goes with that EPIC picture !
Pleeeaaase, post it on Society6 : I want it printed on a t-shirt !
Awesome !!
Go on, RGB ! Crush them all !!! \o/
I know it's not what I should focus on, but... the Fears look like spectators watching a game of tennis...
Makes them much less scaring, all of a sudden x)
Do Doubts make the same sound as slugs when you crush them ?