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That laptop is cute. Shiro has cute things. Aha.
@ksosna: You ship these two, too? Omg. I ship it hard. So hard. xD
Why is this guy going out buying hair dye when I think his hair right now is fabulous? >:c

Omg I want a fluffy kitty like that. :3
I'm a little mad at myself... it took me 3 times coming to this page to notice that a certain somebody is translucent... I need to pay more attention...
Aww, Shiro! Don't be like that! Baine needs a hug not gum in his hair!
Seeing Baine like this makes me sad... He really needs a hug right now. Shiro needs to hug him or something. D:
Ugh! That is so creepy! I would follow Shiro and never leave his side.
Baine, you precious thing! I just want to hug him.
I ship it so much. SO MUCH! They are both so adorable but poor Shiro and his nose. :c
@Mechanicalpenguin: Lmao. Poor Shiro. I bet he is having the time of his life with Baine now. Since Baine has come back Shiro is going through a lot.

So, I'm just curious, is there a reason why Shiro has his arms wrapped?
I think his hair being pulled was a price to pay to get him back over those bars.

Shiro's pretty strong if he was able to pull him up in that position.
@Tailswish: Okay, I get that the hallway obviously wasn't real. I figured that it wasn't. Hallways don't just magically get longer like that. xD

I get everything about the bars and the illusion stuff and hall way and what not. None of that was why I was confused. I'm confused as to why this boy is doing this and now I feel slow because I bet its obvious and i'm just missing something... On page 127 there's part of a ghost in the background, is the little boy trying to help Baine from that ghost?
WAIT! Wait wait wait. Did that kid just try to kill Baine?? Is that what's happening and Shiro came to save him from jumping out of the building?! ...I'm still slightly confused..
This is getting so intense...Can you elbow a ghost? If I was Baine I would try to do that...

(I've missed a lot of updates because I haven't check in a while.. Now I feel all caught up though. :3)
I agree that you need to bring Shiro back! :D I miss him.
This is getting intense.
I don't trust that long phone cord... It's a good thing to use to strangle somebody. >.> Probably waaaay better than a curtain.
I feel like I would start crying if I saw something like that... And considering the position Baine is in... It's gonna take a minute or two to sit up straight and find an exit.

Baine needs Shiro. Shiro is ghost repellant! And that's what Baine needs right now!
Gwynn better tell him what happened last night! >:c

How did Gwynn get this number anyway...