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moved to rezo-nance
@Mastermind9: I didn't know about the border color alignment; thought it was just an accent lol
@Mastermind9: Oh, there's rhyme and reason to the border colors? I thought it was just an accent!
that me
thats all the bios for now, now i need to make the icons
I've got one more to put up and then we're good
I'm not sure if I classified Shine right lol
I have no idea how to classify the characters when it comes to Overall lmao
Initially made for Pokestadium's Pokecreations. I'm very proud of it.
I'm still laughing.
bless my getting good at sprite editing
uploaded for my friend who i can't send files to over skype and bc i'm on a sudden sonic kick for reasons i can't comprehend

might update if i make new sprites for existing ocs or make a new oc
It has been a while.
Here's something I did while I was gone.
i was waiting for a picture on dA to load (since my internet is about as fast as a frozen molasses snail right now) and this was the first thing of note that i got to see
Oh look Raine's gotten a spot of development again!

This might take a little explaining. So, Okimiyage has swirl tattoos on her arms, which glow very brightly in situations of extreme stress. They give off an extremely bright flash of light when this starts. Raine and Moon had been tagging along with her at a time when it was dark, and Okimi got stressed out...Moon was smart enough to look away, but Raine was caught completely unaware. As a result, the flash of light blinded him. He was left staggering in pitch darkness, unable to see where his friends had gone.

He's recovered his eyesight nowadays...mostly. He needs glasses now. His vision is badly blurred without them.
wanted to work with flygon again despite her soul being stolen
so why not turn her into a bad-behind-the-bad temporary villain?

we'll reveal the actual big bad later
and probably get flygon's actual soul back while we're at it

<strike>guys pls let me have this i have so many thoughts for this idea</strike>
@kirby knight 1000: *she's

i'll probably figure out a way to get her out of this lol
While this is a little exaggerated, this did actually happen. Sort of.

The bullet hit me right in the head, I kid you not. I saw the opportunity and I seized it.
I'm not even kidding; I killed the Blader with ONE HP.
I really
really hate Bladers