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Draw or die. d(^-^)b
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Oh dang, main character died. D: GUESS THAT'S THE END THEN! Not really though.

If you want to support A Seething Grace, please consider buying the completed 'Chapter two - No Secrets Here' in print-quality on Patreon :

I will only put complete chapters for sale.

Chapter one is available in higher quality for free; it needs rework before it's at sellable quality.

Thanks for reading! <3
I got told this didn't load properly yesterday D:

WHICH IS A DAMN SHAME. I didn't spend hours painting it for everyone to encounter a broken jpeg icon >:|

Oh well, up now. Enjoy~
Pages 24-31 in colour
I was specifically saving these colour images for Patreon, but since I got no interest... may as well share my hard work.

Links to the colour pages:
02-24< br /> 02-25< br /> 02-26< br /> 02-27
A Seething Grace on Patreon~
Check it out if you like.... in the middle of re-thinking my approach, after the guy I was following crashed and burned @w@;;
A Seething Grace on Patreon
Check it out if you like.... in the middle of re-thinking my approach, after the guy I was following crashed and burned @w@;;

Needs work.
A Seething Grace on Patreon

I have made the first chapter available for convenient download on the patreon site. It's under the creations tab, or you can direct link here: A Seething Grace - Chapter One zipped
Crackers, chopped up veggies n hommus. I wish I was there ;_;

Cheese makes me sick. But that doesn't mean I don't miss it.
I did this after I'd drawn a base sketch for Chapter 2 page 26, to see if I'd got the angles kind of right. The room was meant to be swirling and twisting in on itself, but I think I ended up making it more fish-eye lens.

Started building the Conclave, too. Which is a bit ambitous. Need to rethink the layout and take some cues from Dark Souls in terms of level design. :x
I... just wanted to draw that kind of necklace. ^^
Internet renewed
And I can post some more. :)

Used all my last internet on youtube (Two Best Friends Play, Cryaotic, Birgipall) instead of turning my old HDs into ext HDs, so still no font. :I Priorities.
Font on another computer
Will be hand-writing the text until I get my font off my dead computer's HD. ;_;

I'm hoping that will be closer to this font than if I picked an entirely new one.
Type-setting takes a while. :x
Hi I'm Nanto and here's a comic I'm working hard on and want to share with y'all.
One of the best pile-ups I've ever seen XD And of course Skye is on the bottom. hehe
Nice to see adam.adam cafe pop up! :3 Can't wait to see how this develops >:D
Yay a fav! And it's interesting! And you like my backgrounds! XD
Hmm, anatomy. Yeah. Sometimes, it just don't wanna come out right. Hopefully the more I do the better I'll get. :3
So happy!
Thanks! I can't remember how long this took me, but it's one of my 'getting the hang of it now' tones.
Yeah, I made the decision to re-scan a few (too many) pages, cos the toning was so bad and the resolution was bad, but I'm too impatient to wait until I retone everything again. I do plan to in the future though.