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'ukesay what' xD awesome!!
haha wicked!!

omg Dan shud not change his haiiiiiiiiiir

he looks hot <3

^_^ i love what you hav so far n i cnt wait for more =]
O M G!!


UPDATE YAAAAAY! heh yay n awwww Tory ur jus 2 cuuute XD

thanks for the update and i think ur art is awesome n stuff n jus soooo kwl u hav an awesome style and i jus luv evrythin u draw coz its lush!
so keep it up and i hope u had like a great birthday n stuff :3
September 14th, 2007
okay luvin the 6th panel *hearts* ^^
yaaaaay its back!! i was so sad when the link wudnt work anymor
its like the best comic eva!! cnt wait to read more! *favs*
lmao ahhh i love Richard 2 much! XD
*sigh* tha is jus too cute, gosh i cnt wait for more :P
:| omg i cnt believe i jus wrote tha. but thw whole i mean JUS LOOK AT EM! LOOK AT THE LUSHNESS!! ive been waiting so bloody long for this moment!!

omg i luvs it ^^ lookin good
i agree, the bread...does hav a face o.O

Lmao XD oooh i wonder whos ther ^^
Josh looks hawt!! <3 i like his long hair XD

i love this page <3<3
LMAO that is so funny!! XDD awww bless Tory, Jem betta not be 2 mean >.< i hate bitchy guys!! unlesssss he plans on making it up to poor Tory later on in the comic ^^ i wudnt mind tha so much lol =]
yay ther back!!! lmao i jus love how they get on XDD
so beautiful *sigh* i wanna a guy like Richard for myself *sulks* most the guys i meet are jerks grrrr
*sobs* so wonderful!!! and Henry i think you are just beautiful!! wid ur lil freckles XD dnt you dare say ur not good looking listen to Richard he knows!! :] they're sooo cute!!
tehee i see lots of comics who do this sort of stuff but this page is jus beautiful i love it <3