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I create very simple web comics and I like eating sushi.
Thats all you need to know.
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Behind the Scenes
This is a new strip and is quite possibly the disturbing one of the group. I just used MS Paint for the editing, Final Fantasy sprites as usual, and Legend of Goku II for the Kamehameha sprite.
Behind the Scenes
This was possibly the strip closest to the original so far. The 2014 original chapter had better quality than the 2013 original chapter, so it goes somewhat close to Kai.

ORIGINAL: ying-to-destroy-the-world/
Behind the Scenes
This was another extended half strip of the original. I combined it with the following strip to make a more interesting story. The Demon Guardian is quite dead and another of the Shadow Mage's eccentric eating habits are revealed, unlike the blandish original.

Behind the Scenes
I made this one longer. The next part will be incorporated in the next issue of Crusader Amulet Kai!
駆けてくるよ アップル色モンスター
飛んでくるよ ナッツの香りエイリアン
出会って ドッキンドッキン(ドッキンドッキン)

こちらへ ライ・ライ・ライ

腹減り 腕白 筋斗雲
山程沢山 水平線
出合って別れて 出合って別れて
ああもう 神様も辛いよね

A Big Behind the Scenes
A LOT of differences here, folks. I've decided that my "Sequence of Awesome" is quite the contrary and so I put it in a minimized format in the comic.
The sarcastic and bored accountant has also become a monotoned nutjob, so it is only customary to have him killed. In a way.

Behind the Scenes
In my original I quite blantantly ripped my assassin sprites of a random Google search. Again with the cutting down plagarism in Kai, I decided to try my luck with my own spriting. I chose to cut off the part of the King's army killing his wife, because I can probably make a better vengeance background as the story develops.
And, again, I added another reference to the Chocolate Beam.

Behind the Scenes
In my original, you of course have noticed that the Shadow Mage is very quick to accept the Witch into the Guild. However, I discovered another Final-Fantasy comic called 8-bit theater which has been running since 2002. It seems like the Black Mage in 8-bit theater is very quick to include the female mage, and hating plagirism, I decided to cut that out of Kai. Instead, Shadow Mage makes one of his weird eccentric remarks, wanting for a tad more humor. You may also notice the Witch is somwhat differently created; it's because I made the Witch sprite myself and forgot to save it. Being a Dragon Ball Z fan, I added a referance to the Chocolate Beam at the end complete with Majin Buu firing one and eating transformed humans.

Behind the Scenes
I decided that makeagif is very crappy, so I used a new one. It came out MUCH better. Since piling bodies in a certain position is somewhat hard in MSPaint 2005, I used Powerpoint 2008 instead and then copied/pasted it unto MSPaint.

Yes, the sword dissapears. I get what was coming to me for using Paint.
Behind the Scenes
In the original I made a typo stating that the king is Jon, where he was actually Keith. Instead of him stating his name in Kai, I have him sing a somewhat sadistic song.
Behind the Scenes
This one was somewhat different than the original. I trimmed the HP of the fairy from 90 to 10, because I can make a lot of humor from that. I also added the Shadow Mage muttering darkly at the end, just for more humor than the original.

Behind the Scenes
Due to unfortunate GIF-making processes, this isn't as clear as a PNG but more clear than a JPEG. It used to be called "Demon Blast Attack" in the original but I named it something a tad more with humour. I used MakeAGif for this one, like last time.
Behind the Scenes
I conjoined two comics into one for the sake of clarity.
You may notice from this one and my original is that I don't use JPEGs in Kai. JPEGs obscure good spriting. Another difference is that I have heavily edited out the character backgrounds, becasue who likes a comic that looks like it was done on a Windows '98 with a two-year old putting the sprites down?
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for reading
I was so happy when I had 100 views one
Another one for you,
Yupsir. Another one today.
HD Re-Release!
This is the first of my HD re-releases. After I Hd-release all the originals, I will continue to make new ones under the HD-format.
Another comic in one day!
This is another in one day!

Well, have fun reading 'em!
Welcome back!
Been a few months since I posted a comic!

Well, I'm posting them again.