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Hello there~! :3

Well I guess as you can notice, I love bl webcomics :3 Most of my stories are about that lol. Right now, most of my stories are on hiatus except for Soulless, which I am redrawing and working on right now.
Anyway... I'm more used to draw animals, not humans, but I'm trying my best to get better at drawing humans ;u;
So please, be patient with me as I'm not good at it yet ;u;
Still, if you're reading any of my bl webcomics then THANK YOU SO MUCH ;u; It makes me so happy to know someone reads my stories.

I'm actually really introvert but drawing is a way for me to express myself. I also am kind of shy, but I try to be a nice person ;u;

You can also find me on:





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Oh shit, look at that sexy boy (?)

El sueter xD yo quiero uno que diga eso tmb jjajajaja
@IvyTiny: Ooooooh :0! Me acuerdo que una vez en gdl pasó eso que el camión dio un frenón y un tipo salió volando bien feo hacia adelante :'v damn, bueno, espero al menos estés mejor ahora :0
October 28th, 2017
@PrntlAdvsryExpctContnt: ow thank you so much ;v;
Sadly, school is not letting me draw as much as I could before, but I'm doing my best to continue everytime I can!
This comic looks so cute! Love the story and design!
October 23rd, 2017
@IvyTiny: :'D jajajaj gracias ;v;
October 23rd, 2017
Aaaaaah yes :'D
City, helicopter, explosions... just the things that I do well :'D

Daaamn this page took a while and procrastination has nothing to do with it this time xD

Hope it looks okay at least :'3 and if I did a mistake with a word, please let me know~

PS: Don't mind this guy, he's just a random character xD
no ando mucho en tumblr pero... xD

qué accidente!? :0!?
October 18th, 2017
@IvyTiny: Jajajaja shh anda haciendo sólo un pequeño berrinche de niños uwu

Gracias ;v;

Y ahmmm lo quise hacer más grande sólo porque sentía que con el otro tamaño no podía dibujar todo lo que quería xD y aquí pues tengo más oportunidad de agregar más cosas o hacer cuadros más grandes :'D
October 17th, 2017
I'm so sorry for the sudden hiatus :'D lot of work from school TvT

Btw I decided to do the pages a bit longer, and change the style.

Let me know it I made a mistake with any word, please~
Joa does look tired tho, he really needs to drink blood now I guess, poor of him and Dylan getting sick too! Poor of them
@IvyTiny: su caritaaa xD

y omg cambiaste el fondo xD
October 5th, 2017
@IvyTiny: jajajajaj xD mensa xD no te preocupes todos van a morir uwu o algo así (?)
@IvyTiny: meh xD tú siguele uwu tu comic es bello
Jajaja mensa xD no son aburridas uwu y menos si es parte de la historia y asi
xD no pos... wow xD
@IvyTiny: Jajajaja pues ya es tarde xD
September 9th, 2017
This is the last page I finished before getting back to school, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to update weekly as I don't have much time to draw TvT I will try but I don't promise anything...

Anyway... Gilbert is on his drama moment... let's let him be free.
Daaaaaaaamn mi fobia a las agujas y esas cosas :'v -huye-