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Ill constantly. I've lost my motivation to do comics. Also I wish I could change my name (for free).
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Just to inform you guys that Episode 2 is now out!

Also apart from Lamoop I don't think I saw any of you post at the forum at all about being part of the series. From the last comments that were posted here about it I know that some of you do want to, so hurry up and post or you'll miss getting into episode 3 as well.
...Kirb copyrighted TTA? I'm gonna have to call BS on that. You cannot copyright stolen material. TTA was just 1 huge Megaman ripoff.

Anyway just so you know Kirb said in a Wha-chow that he had given TTA season4 over to me. Whilst this is not TTA 4, I think that still applies.

The only thing Kirb can do is tell Wade Fulp to remove the flash from NG due to using his sprites. In which case we'll re-upload with new sprites. We're not making this series for him though so we care little for Kirb's opinion...unless he has a nice opinion for a change.
Then what are you doing in a TTA comic? That's the 3rd person to say no to being included that I assumed was a fan...
Remember to vote 5

Now for the info stuff:
Hey, as I have not been removed from the comic yet and I want you all to know this really fast and such, the new episode of TTA has been released.

I realise that most of you probably do not browse the forum as much as I assumed you did, so I am sorry that you kinda missed the chance to be part of episode 1. Hopefully after this you guys will be more active at the forums so you won't miss out on anything at all.

Anyway on to the details. The series takes place after season 3 but IT IS NOT SEASON 4. It's a spinoff type thing and the episodes are non-canon. Kirbopher did not help at all in it's creation at all, though he does get most of the credit. You could become a main character if we like your sprites and ideas, though you will not feature in the first few eps apart from as cameos.

I think that's all I need to mention.

If your sprites are recolours or simply cannot be animated, then you can only be a cameo. But may be able to get a speaking role. Learn to sprite or finish your sheets off if you want the chance to be a main character. Also note that you will likely have to voice your own char.
It's never a good idea to put comments IN THE STRIP. It's pretty annoying to someone who just wants to read it and is not one of us authors. That OOC (out of comic) stuff should be left in the comment section.
I'd forgotten he had Kagemamoru in him. I feel sorry for Anubis right now.
I'd much prefer bars for health.
you mispelt "destroy"
Well that was a long time ago now, 2 months or so.
Are you guys back yet? Or at the least, can this be removed yet? I doubt there's a single author or reader that does not know this now.
Wow Proto, I know you're bad at arranging speach bubbles, but this is the worst case of it I have seen! Honestly learn to place text! But glad that there's still you willing to update.
Panel 4, Proto has no life bar?
In panel 6 he regains a small amount of health...
His face/mouth area looks wierd. You should probbaly redo the colours. Also with such a long face I assume he's a bird, still kinda hard to tell though. Also nice hair!
Those upgraded foxes are the same colour as my character, also the red looks very suiting on them. But the text here looks really small, it's hard to read. I'll hopefully get teh 3rd strip up today as it is infact finished, I just need to watch TTA again and find something so that I can finish the last detail...And then I'll have a part 4 it seems. BUT after part 4 of my intro I'll finally go and beat some people up.
He may have said he didn't care, but clearly he does as he keeps commenting. He is a troll. so please STOP GIVING HIM ATTENTION. Maybe you just don't know him well enough yet Soubi and are giving him the benefit of the doubt, in which case I suggest you trust us that he is a jerk. So if you can, please don't aknowledge his existance on this comic unless he actually says something nice.

Not trying to be mean but this is not a good kind of drama to allow. Also I just realised that there are 3 super authors here, and I am awesome enough to be one of them.
It's not an over-reaction. He has asked this several times before and each time he was told. I am actually basing his being a jerk on what I've seen him act like elsewhere. He seems to end up on almost any comic's comments at least once to be irritating.

Edit: Incase you hadn't noticed I am SLOW. Making new sprites is not a real option for me.

Edit 2: Still not done those? Well if you have a fox sheet on hand then I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea. I just really dislike the fact you made him a lame FOX. Should have been a dinosaur.....OH WAIT NOW I GET IT. Ofcourse it HAS to be a fox stupid me. I totally missed that.
Something I think most have overlooked. Sing in dates. The first user, Shadowriku signed into the game 08/18/21
And yet somehow Dark has signed in YEARS before him and before the game even came out I beleive. Not that it's a big deal but I just wanted to point out this thing that no-one seems to have noticed.
Can she make icecream with her powers?
49.9% of Sonic fancharacters are foxes, the other 50% are hedgehogs. Please go back to being the lizard. I hate that I chose to be a lame hedgehog when I sould have been a duck or something that still has SOME originalty to it. You now look like 40 other characters.

And to all who are annoyed at Mercha, just ignore him please. You should be able to tell by now he goes to comics like this just to irritate us. So he'll be back to repeat the same things and be a jerk. So long as we ignore him he won't have a reason to annoy us anymore. Also I totally suck for not finishing my intro already and then saying that I will soon and then still not doing it. I also think I better go for an easy oponent rather than one of them Area kings...Or Proto.
Maybe I'll go beat up Scythe.