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Heyy! Annie here! And Mel tagging along too!

Together we like to write and draw short comics which we've come to display to the world!

We hope to make many friends here who love reading comics! Be sure to let us know what you think of our work!
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    Annie & Mel
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Here it comes...
The whole story behind the story.... So Cole isn't even a person? Who'd of thought!

Next page coming soon!
Phone art ftw
Family time! Kinda hard to post when there's no laptop around. Fear not..... we have cell phones!

Who knew my thumb was such an artist!
Its up!
Psge one! Just as promised!

Now we can finally learn about Kiss.
Cover is up!
Simple cover for the story. Chapter covers will be more....... creative?

First page goes up in a few moments as promised. I can't count this as a real page after all!
Its that time of year!
Time to get all cozy warm with family and friends and prepare for the holidays. Some have already started! Not only is it Thanksgiving tomorrow but Hanukkah has also started! Soon others will start..... And even for people who don't celebrate any of that it still means that New Years is on the way. Either way you look at it, this time of year is exciting!

Cole Kiss here wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

First page goes up tomorrow!