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For sharing...

... With my stomach.
It's better than the wooden one.

Which is now ashes, but whatever.
His answer BETTER be yes. That's like, free money. Why not?

And my top three are

Ocarina of Time
Skyward Sword/Wind Waker
The original Legend of Zelda/Link Between Worlds

I'm pretty indecisive.
I refreshed over and over. Nothing. I'll see about clearing my cache.
@ashstoner021: Ah, that's good. You can never tell what they'll find cool next.
Thanks! I pride myself on my guessing skills.

Actually, make that skillz.

With a z. Because it's cool.
It sounds really counterintuitive, until you look at it a certain way.

Option 1.) Someone who knew magic wanted a show, or wanted to see the sword. So they used magic to achieve that.

Option 2.) Someone in the Sacred Realm also wanted to get out, maybe to give someone something. This option leads to one person.

I think we all know who.

Anyway, those are my ideas.
@Drizzt123: NUH UH.

It's obviously all purple. People are seeing wrong.
Go to, he's done tons of strips on this topic.
They sell sixty pounds of chicken specifically for a zombie apocalypse.

You can also get beef.

Or a pre-packaged survival kit.
I know Link would like to, but he'd probably throw the Master Sword away then.

But still.

Don't bother, Sheik. He's already out the door.
@kangel: I only have a few more left.

I must enjoy them while I can.
When am I supposed to feel like I am on summer vacation?
Hey! You ready for that barbecue?
I don't even own any dogs.

This should be a meme..
Yeah, he just wants the sword. No way he's gonna protect.
Skyward Sword.
@kangel: Yeah, in SS, a whole bunch of heart flowers, a door with a strange lock and a puzzle that's probably meant to be hard means that there's a boss.

Or when you finally get to see Zelda again. Then there's a shake. Then a giant freaky flying reptile that's really really ugly.
January 3rd, 2014
Oh! How I wish I could buy it!