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Uh-oh. That isn't good. :(
The police and the assassin are out already!
Looks like it'll be up to luck and our powers of deduction...
This is nice, LandenMaster! You've gotten a lot better about attention to detail.

In other news, I have NO IDEA what to contribute to the story right now. DX

In my defense, I've been really busy. Still, I'm sorry. :(
OOC: This is a really cool page! :D
By the way, what's happening with Mr. Ledermann in the background, there?

Gaaash, I've been such a slacker. XP
I'm really sorry about that. I'll think about something soon, I swear! <:D
@KreeTheBasilisk: Whoah! Kree, I know you were offering that advice to LandenMaster, but I think you've really helped me out as well. Thanks! :D
@robybang: That's actually an interesting idea.

However, considering that our characters will be discussing some pretty serious and private stuff- and that they'll likely try to be avoiding Mr. Ether- there's a strong possibility that they'd be meeting somewhere that's safe from him, or in a different place every time.

Again, this is entirely up to Kree!
@LandenMaster: I replied to your comment on your previous post, but I'll go ahead and repeat it: I personally think you should use digital.

Again, it's up to you.
@LandenMaster: I've noticed that your digital art has been a bit easier to read and understand.
However, it's entirely up to you.
@LandenMaster: LandenMaster, this image is kind of large. I'm having trouble seeing what's going on... :/

Is there any chance you could make it a bit smaller? <:)
@queenofpugs: It was just a thought that I had.

It's likely that, in order to promote character interactions, it would be better if the characters were generally located fairly close together.

However, regardless of where the characters "live," there should probably be some form of meeting place for the voters.

All of this is up to Kree, though! I'm not trying to take over the show. <:D
Okay, here's one thing I've been wondering for a while.
I kind of assumed that, in order to stay close to Zero, there would be an apartment thing going on...
In other words, each character (who didn't already have a home) would get some kind of apartment.
I'm not exactly sure why I thought that, but...

It's okay if this isn't the case! I was just wondering.

... I've probably been slacking too much with my character. :(
Mr. Ledermann: How did he do that? :D

OOC: Awesome artwork as always, Kree!
@KreeTheBasilisk: This is awesome, Kree! Keep up the good work! :D

At your own pace, that is. :)
@LandenMaster: Actually, Kree has to post the "introduction" page, so to speak, so this probably would be more like a late prologue page.
Kind of Messy...
It took me WAY too long to make this, and it's not even that good! XP Oh, well.

So, here is Mr. Ledermann, enjoying himself at the petting zoo, talking to a goat. There is a slight chance that I'm going to overuse blushing with him, but whatever.

The robot over there is actually a special model for these types of events, though not the only one. It's a ticket-taker robot with rubber fingers. I'm not sure people need a ticket to enter the petting zoo, but it's there to evaluate visitors.

By the way, there IS someone else inside the pen, they're just not visible.

I was considering making this even smaller, but since it's kind of a panorama shot, I decided that its size was fine.
By the way, when is this taking place? Since the Valley Fair is currently happening during the day...
That looks pretty cool! Dismas seems like an intriguing character.
I wonder, however, is he wearing a robe or something? It's hard for me to tell...

By the way, my prologue page IS incoming, sorry for the delay, everyone! <:D
@KreeTheBasilisk: All right, then! I AM going to draw a prologue page! :D