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^_^ So happy for this next chapter! ^_^
Commando can be sexy, but also a painful accident waiting to happen if one isn't careful...
Gannet is already so wrecked. ^_^
I love that as soon as he decides he doesn't like the book he pushes it away with a spoon. He doesn't even want to touch it. ^_^
@JesBelle: Diamonds are a girls best friend. ^_^
@JesBelle: Well, you were looking for something softer than stone and then settled on oak. If a ship made of Oak was given the nickname "Ole Ironsides", could that technically be seen as in some ways harder than stone?

@JesBelle: Wasn't the ship nicknamed "Ole Ironsides" made of oak?


Bailey can take him to the base?
I see possible button flying in the future...

Yank that shirt!
@ParadoxComic: I will trade your 67 for the 80s I have had to deal with the past few days!
@JKHoganBooks: I think your avatar is perfect for this page. ^_^
Gannet came prepared. ^_^
So sorry for your lose. *hugs*
Cal's eyes after the first panel scare me a bit. Those are some freaky eyes.
Bonzai! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
Shook I think is putting it mildly. Everyone else looks drained...he looks traumatized.

He saw things man...things a man isn't supposed to see man.
First bubble - come

Second bubble - thought

Fourth bubble - occasion