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@waving_cheshire: He did have that dream about being intimate with two of them back when he thought there was only one and before he met either in person...
How is such obliviousness so adorable?
This will potentially be hilarious.
I am snickering if not out right laughing with Kaoru in that last panel.
And welcome to the awkward...
^_^ So happy for this next chapter! ^_^
Commando can be sexy, but also a painful accident waiting to happen if one isn't careful...
Gannet is already so wrecked. ^_^
I love that as soon as he decides he doesn't like the book he pushes it away with a spoon. He doesn't even want to touch it. ^_^
@JesBelle: Diamonds are a girls best friend. ^_^
@JesBelle: Well, you were looking for something softer than stone and then settled on oak. If a ship made of Oak was given the nickname "Ole Ironsides", could that technically be seen as in some ways harder than stone?

@JesBelle: Wasn't the ship nicknamed "Ole Ironsides" made of oak?


Bailey can take him to the base?
I see possible button flying in the future...

Yank that shirt!
@ParadoxComic: I will trade your 67 for the 80s I have had to deal with the past few days!
@JKHoganBooks: I think your avatar is perfect for this page. ^_^