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Don't read this! Oh too late...
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I aprove and will now procede to eyaculate on my monitor.
Character development time
After the inevitable escape of Xuelang Fang, our heroes establish a secret base in the depths of the China shanty towns, where they wait patiently for their next opportunity against Xuelang Fang.

While in the shower Vin Diesel starts reminiscing to himself the story of his lost love, his beautiful hair, now gone. It all happened that cold winter of '64....
Woo! Im ready for some major character development.

PS: Whered you get that panel from?
All I can say is... I lurv you Mosama for giving us this twisted work of art =']
Dear Mosama...

First I was overjoyed when I discovered Hobosexual, I was even more excited when i discoverd Pokeslaughter, then I was sad Hobosexual got abandoned, but happy Pokeslaughter was filled with even better quality sickness, then I was sad when it got cancelled, THEN happy about Satans Excrement (It had a different name that I dont remember), then sad it went down, then happy it got a facelift, then sad cause it barely had updates and now I'm over jizzed that Pokeslaughter is back.

Why must you make us go through this emotional rollercoaster?! Shit aint healthy for my prostate.

-Yours truly XOXO C=3, duhchao
What the...?
I don't even, so to speak or tried....
January 17th, 2011
Damn, I used to love this comic but after almost 4 years without and update it was inevitable.
Thanks for the laughs you gave us long ago.
God dammnit it Woody, my dying wish was that there would be no tractorism here ;_;
The knight and cavegirl remind me of Frog and Ayla from Chrono Trigger ='D
Very good times I had, but the flame must be passed to the new generation.
Good luck my dear pals, take good care of my creation.

Well see ya! I gotta go enjoy the pleasures of life!
If I didnt drink you wouldn't exist son, be grateful!
Well Woody I did get raped in the last comic thanks to your twisted mind.
But I'll update anyway =D
I am alive!
Or am I?

I traded time on Halo Online for pleasure.
Can't blame me, right?
Why was there a hole in his wall?
Kevin made it and fixed it!
Here ya have princess:
Glados wants a word with you.

SHIIIT I can't update I got tests this week, can't update till next.
Mother forgive me D'=
Shit'eah! Feed us fattah!
Everybody wants to see the train baby!