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I would say not to look at ppls desktops brah, but also- why have that on your work computer?
I love those first few panels.
But also please, Chip, get away D'x I dont want them to catch babu again, they wont be so 'nice' second time around...
Now you know what your prey feels like ya blighters!!
holt shit I love how big Oathi is <3
I dont think it makes her look weak to be there though? A good leader is able to delegate and Ronja knows that she is less knowledgable than any other MT dog because she hasnt been around enough to lear nanything. I mean, no one told her about the rapes for a long ass time, never mind learning everything else. She recognized she made a mistake in making such a hasty declaration about not banishing ppl, but at the time of the decision it seemed like a good one because she wanted a happy medium between the females and males.

When she realized it was a mistake she asked for help. That doesnt make her weak. As for her standing there-- its a comic, things are likely happening much faster than it seems to those of us reading. She agreed to let Fuss do the talking. Her body language is not coming off as weak; passive, maybe, but her tails isnt tucked between her legs or anything. Her expression (even before the 'big reveal') was a little off, if she'd tried looking more regal then Fuss commanding Ulfr to leave would have seemed more dignified.

tbh my major complaint is that they didnt seem to plan out Ulfr's banishment ahead of time. Like, Fuss taking the lead on talking, or revealing Ulfr's declaration to kill her, should have been something they discussed beforehand. Especially since they had all day to do so. Its just really odd to bring it up 5 seconds before the confrontation
"You're a wizard Herald" (Im sorry I had to) But yass!! Im also gonna guess and say she revealed her name too
Every character in this comic is a blessing. I love this so much
@Undeadfeline: Not to mention Beau and Andy's wrath if anything happened to their babbu
Louie is still my all time favorite. I love all their expressions in the last few pages, your art has always been good but tis improved leaps and bounds! <3
He looks like one of the guys thats raised Beu : O I know hes not but is he from Infinity's planet?
I love Louie and he will forever be my favorite character okay??
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December 4th, 2016

Hopefully its an apology for lashing out at Roamer earlier. The two of them are getting along right now but (to me at least) it looks like Roamer could be upset by it?? *shrugs*
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November 28th, 2016
Did no one tell Roamer that Ronja is with the meteor tribe, so that he could tell the others?
LMFAO their faces!!! And haha bet Sub knowns this shit has been done before or something- bet Infinity would just see this as more of an excuse not to come back if his friends couldnt see it was a fake tho
I love this comic so much and I gotta say after re-reading it last week- your art has also improved tremendously. Its always been good but the level of detail and expressions improved a lot : D
I know a lot of people wont agree with me based on their reactions in the comments already, but I dont actually feel all that bad that Aira died. I mean, its been made plain that she is a sentient creature and a malicious one at that. Honestly Im really surprised she was the one who started walking away from the fight? And on pages 121-122 Kargo makes it plain that he thinks she deserves to die and thus I felt it was implied he would be the one to try and end her anyway. We also didnt see enough character development from her for me to feel bad/feel a connection.
THAT LEVEL OF CUTE. I cannot handle it!! Poor little babu. And chip, Chip darling, please bandage that
I feel like this is a pretty dumb thing to do and say to the guy you just had kill your father. Like, Im sure Ranach will be wary of Rogio now, but still- Rogio now has some assassination skill under his belt
@ThelilLuna: Never heard of serious gay relationships in nature? Then clearly you've never heard of black swans (25% of which form permanent gay male relationships, and will often steal eggs from hetero couples to raise as their own), Mallard ducks (18% of which form gay couples, though are less inclined to try and raise young), Bonobos (chimps that are very liberally sexual with everyone in their group including male/male and female/female relationships), seagulls (tend to form lesbian relationships), whip-tail lizards (which actually ONLY consist of females), giraffes 94% of all observed sexual activity in giraffe), dolhpns (Three quarters of all bottlenose dolphins are in same-sex pair-bonds, and many of them mate for life., honey the list can go on and on. Same sex couplings, including LIFE partners, are actually pretty damn common in nature.