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I'm what you will typically call an gamer girl. I play a variety of Nintendo games, particularly Kirby (>^.^<). I also watch anime, including Spice and Wolf, Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple, and Fairy Tail.

Anime and manga I've watched and read:
Fairy Tail
Sgt. Frog
Sword Art Online
Vampire Knight
Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Inu Yasha
Spice and Wolf
Tokyo Mew Mew
One Piece
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It's drawn on canvas, and I'm terrible at painting. Should I (try to) color it?
*is just now realizing the abbreviation for Twilight Princess*
A random drawing I found crammed into the corner of my desk. I can't say I'm particularly proud of the position he's in (or that I forgot to draw his hat). I don't think I ever plan on finishing this.
Fairy tail shipping meme:D
Blank is by Myri-Weasley28 on DeviantArt

Sorry if you can't tell where the lines are going ;^~^
I did this on my iPad mini without a stylus.
Of course Stingue and Fraxus are the best ships. Clearly.
*has not been shipped on DoMP yet*
@Pokeruseevee: True, didn't mean to make her like that, though.
@Sapar: Tried that already. That is used for cropping, not shrinking.
Asdfghjkl Large image is large. I really need to find a way to shrink an image in a iPad. Anyway, this is the new villain OC I've been making. Still working on some of her backstory, but here's what I have so far. She was raised by Vaati (Gufuu?) as a young girl and is friends with Veran (old Zelda Characters!). As for magic, she knows a little bit of wind and possession magic, courtesy of Vaati and Veran respectively. Her main magic, however, is doll attack, or puppeteer magic, which allows her to control anything like a puppet as long as it isn't human.
I finally got around to making this!
Funny thing is, I actually burnt my finger right before I read this.
Could you draw Ravio from the Legend of Zelda?
This is a new OC I'm making. So far, as you can see, she has no face. Working on her back story.

Asdfghjkl I forgot her name. It's Umatia.
@meta-eggplant: Most of my friends from school hate Cilan.
My friend keeps asking me to draw Cress. Here's one of the warm up drawings I did.