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Hey, pleased to meet you! If you wish to know anymore about me than my profile tells you, you'll have to ask me. I'm not giving out extra info people who don't know me don't have to know. I don't bite, talk to me and I might let you in on more about me.
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Toivo’s familiar is so done with his bullshit XD
I love your art style, and I love Toivo's character design so much ;w; Your comic is the most aesthetically pleasing comic I've seen in a long time. I want to try drawing Toivo since he's so damn adorable!!

Edit: Oh my god those mutton chops <3
That's just sad...
Teacher: Hey Kai, lets go on a pity date

Wow, way to give the poor guy a punch in the ego lol
I wonder if anyone else noticed that gorgeous moose in the background...
You silly people, it's a gastropod! :3