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January 2nd, 2016
Lol, trying to figure out the tone of this comic. but colour me intrigued.
@Eunice P: What's your other comic that you're working on?
Oh! I see the man kneeling now lol! Well if it's any motivation I'll be checking often now that I found you again! ^_^
I don't know what OTZ means.
@Eunice P: Lol I remember back in the day you apologized a lot for your English being bad, I thinks it's good, I just don't follow by what you specifically mean by Updates? Like updating your comic or something else? If it's real life related stuff then no need to go to details.
@Izzikat: *Blush Blush Blush*
@Eunice P: I don't quite understand by "keeping up with the updates" but I'm happy as long as it's not abandoned!
@Izzikat: Agreed! It's really interesting the way people make super mind blowing stuff! though I couldn't make the arm in time for comic-con. At least I was able to conceal it with the red jacket and white gloves, Hopefully I looked good.
@Izzikat: I like the show a lot too. I also like you art!
August 27th, 2014
Obviously it all makes sense now!
(by the way my brother is the author)
Oh Gosh! Oh My!
I remember reading this many years ago! I remember printing a few pages so I could read it in school. I was/am a big fan of this I hope you continue it!
is it just me or am I noticing an adventure time vibe from her art. (not that that's bad or anything)
it is inevitable! That joke, like, HAS to be told and it's still funny.
I cosplayed as Edward Elric once, having a long blonde wig could make parents raise an eyebrow or two...thankfully my parents don't give a crap since I got the title of "Adult". So long as I stay away from dugs and what not.

I chose Ed because I am 5'2" and he is really short. In case you guys cared.
@fellow: word
Did you draw ember as if it was a loogey?
@fellow: maybe it was a fear fart?
must be cold in thar
so an omelette...not sunny side up...curses!
Yay, he said it!
Who the hell do you think I am!?