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My name is Emily Bridge.

I am one of the world's largest fans of Captain James Mathew Hook.

Most of my fan comics are based of him.

I call myself "Pirate Queen of Neverland."



Thanks for visiting.XD
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    Emily Bridge
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Croc chase?
You mean the croc is trying to get a snack but the snack aka Hook does not want to give it.
I guess things go down when that bad ass captain swimming in the water to see something. Good luck to Mr Smee and his buddy Starkey there; none to Peter Pan/Wendy since...well I hate them. ;)
Happy Valentine's day
Hello sweety, I just wanted to say Happy Valentine's day. This comic has hooked onto my heart. Thanks for making it.
Emily Bridge
Pirate Queen of Neverland
Like he's my fave character and @H0lyhandgrenade...u are awesome person. :)
I am happy you know les mis and that beautiful song. Stars! I <3 stars..XD.
@TriaElf9 What do mean extras?

With Hook, I think it is good enough....don't you think?

No offence but I think with extras will make the story too...too...long for me anyways. -.-

But do what you want with it.

I will like it anyways, darling. :)

And @melaredblu: I think this could actually would be cool to see. ;)

With a sword at my side,
Emily Bridge
Pirate Queen of Neverland
Hello, I just want to say:
This is about to get interesting.

The main storyline has rolled out before our bloody f**king eyes and it's getting good.

Now let's see some action. XD

By the way, I really love your Hook and I know I have said this many times but it is sooo true.

Plus he has some nice skills and some pretty cool (and sexy) outfits. ^_^

No need to change his outfits...or any for that matter.

Also I do feel sorry for Mr.Smee.

He is such a cutie, I almost want him as a pirate pet.

With a thought for you, your art has inspired me to become a better artist and I hope you continue your amazing work with Peter Pan! ;)

Go pirates!

With Lots of Love,
Emily Bridge
Pirate Queen of Neverland!
Ha Ha
Like LOL, Hook.

You tried again and the 12 year old boy outwitted you again....but I must say to all "Don't underestimate Capt Jas Hook's anger any day!"

Also, Smee + Noodler; two words "RUN,boys. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"

I bet next panel, Hook is gonna let out a giant fury..and probally kill someone.

P.S @TriaElf9 Love your Hook and that bomb of a cake.

+ Sorry for the long comment. XD

Emily Bridge
Pirate Queen of Neverland
I want Captain Hook
When are we going to see Captain Hook!
I love your comic
It is super awsome
It's Captain James Mathew Hook and he looks so cool!