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@Guest: Yeah, SnowAgumon can digivolve into IceDevimon
October 29th, 2016
Haha, a slayer biting a vampire. XD
October 29th, 2016
It's hilarious how lovestruck the boy is to the point of falling into a love fantasy even while facing a vampire.
Just level that zubat up to 100 and you'll be good to go. THAT's your problem.

Trust me, I beat Lance with my level 70 smoochum.
Well...Johto IS in Japan, and it's not like the average Lee will know english in Japan.
Those must be some special eyes to see more than 7 colors.
I know they are training, but they look so cute doing it.
Dragonet, you clever lady. It's awesome to have fairies at your side.
How cute, a Snowman Massacre.
I think I'm slowing starting to understand. Fairies kidnaps humans sometimes and would place changelings in place of the kidnapped human child. Is that what they could've possibly done to Isabella?
It's...It's the same guy who was also looking for Isabella and attacked Casey!
That's sweet of her. It was probably a bad idea to talk smack about something when you don't fully know the people you're talking to.
I just realized that the Houndour puppy is a shiny. Neat.
Poor Murkrow and Houndoom. Dark types don't like fairy moves at all. ^^;
Interesting take on how the badge works. :D
Man, does Chatot get mad easily...
Meet up.
I'm back!
How odd that they snatch the buttons from her or at least keep them at a distance from her.
Understandable. Like people, there are bad fairys and good fairys.
Aww. :) First the praise, then later telling her not to sneak out again.