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Aw, sweet mommy!
@Travelingpooch: The latter. Kyle is not typically a girl's name and Kimrik has, in the past, said that Kylee is a girl's name.

Plus it's spelled with two 'e's thus implying an ee sound.
Wait...Belle? Is that Izzy's real name?
God, way to go Variks. Here's a hint for dating; don't bring up dead relatives/friends, yeah...just don't do that....
Wut wut wut!?!
@DraculinaMarcelle: oh my god i really wanted to see that
I don't know why my tablet decided to mess up the quality.

I love Louie in the first two panels, I don't know why. Maybe it's those beefy shoulders. Mmmmm.
Ooooooooh shit.
Excuse my language, but shit.

Hope Beej isn't too miffed still about that whole never-seeing-the-chick-he-liked-for-a-long-time-because-it-is-kind-of-his-and-her-f ault thing.
Dr. Viska, I'm not too sure about your.... methods.

On the other hand, I freaking love Dr. Yueh's character design.
Holy shit, man. It's so hard to believe Paradox came out almost six years ago!

I'm definitely going to enjoy this rewrite, it'll be enjoying the story over again only with a slightly newer... perspective, I guess would be the right word.
Why in the world does Smackjeeves even have a warning you can add to comics if they're just going to take them down?
I ship Infinity & Random Motocycle dude now.
@Speed: Cloud's just too afraid to speak his true feelings. Maybe since Infinity didn't tell Cloud he loved him now Cloud is uncertain.
@Dire Wolf: they're looking at Andy
Poor Quence, he looks so terrified in the last panel.
@kwippo: It's alright, I understand.

Just joking around, but I can see the other side of the argument. (me? i'm all for threesies)
September 27th, 2014
@kwippo: The hell are you saying?
It's alright! Just focus on getting well and feeling better, remember drink lots of fluids and hot stuff! At least...I think that stuff works...
I don't care how much of an asshole Cloudburn might be at times, when he gets that wide-eyed look he's fucking adorable!