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I'm seventeen now, soon to be eighteen in a few months.
Well I don't frequently update my comics that often but I'm going to attempt to update a page a week for the comic Hypertext.

Well wish me luck and you've been warned.
So Enjoy it if you want, sooner or later the comic will probably stop updating if this happens feel free to email me and tell me to update that'll at least tell me that someone reads it and. yeah.


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Ermm...Terribly Sorry about that guys, I was pre-occupied last week with games. - w-''

Video games to be exact. Anyway, enjoy this page I tried my best at it.

> w<

Comment and tell me that you guys exist and I'm not crazy in thinking that people read my comic okay?

Please don't make me crazy. > w>
I finally finished it!

well technically today is monday but who's really looking at that...

Anyway this is the point where the story gets interesting. C:

Anyway, you know when you play an online game there's a window that pops up. Well he's inside that window, that's why you can't see the computer bar at the bottom. > w<


also comments would be nice. > w>
just sayin'
Sorry about the long delay.
I've been away for what a month?
On well, I got lazy. But I bring you a hand drawn page today. ja ja
- w-''


Comments would be nice too.
Well enjoy the second page.

This will give you an idea what I'mma put in the future.
Okay like last weeks comic I had to divide this comic in two because it was so long. -w -''

It's only long because I don't wanna end it abruptly you know? That wouldn't be fair, I worked on this for hours. But for a worthy comic I believe.

Well enjoy pages 6 and 7! >W <
There we go, I hope I didn't scare you guys away with this comic. I mean, I figured Izow would be pretty innocent towards the outside world. So he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between proper and improper you know?

So it's up to the owner to educate him.

So Enjoy, I feel pretty good about this comic you know. I mean it took awhile to draw out but I'm happy, it left a good feeling in me.

So I'll be back with another comic next Sunday see you guys then.
I had to make this into two parts because the comic itself was too long for Smackjeeves to put it in....I hope it isn't blurry...
So page three is up.
So this is Izow, cute isn't he?

Well the Plus Program is that head set he's wearing.
It can freeze his program if he's doing anything that it deems dangerous to the computer, but we'll learn more about that later.
Wow, can you believe it?
I updated. And on the day I was planning to as well.
I think I'll set the updates to be on Sunday. You know? It seems Sundays are best for me. Anyway enjoy. I know this page goes a little fast but I think it looks pretty good.

Bet you didn't expect it to look this good from the first page didja? haha.
Even if it's just one person I'm happy that you're still reading this comic.

Thank you very much Angerfish! > w<

I'll do my best!
wow almost a year again eh?

Ummm I have a few pages planned I guess so it's just about me going and drawing it all out.

I wanna try my hand at it and try to keep it alive you know?

So I'm really really sorry for this failure of a comic. :<
To Give my Support

I've been watching your comic for a little bit of awhile now.
I just like to say it's so cute, it really brings out my inner fangirl.

Anyway, I understand the stress and laziness, I have bailed on my comics so many times. = m="

Well, I shall wait for your return.
Thank you for all the updates.

Till Next Time
New colour
Well I thought I'd add a bit of colour to this, instead of grey it turned out to look nice too, So enjoy. =3
September 17th, 2008
Trying my best...
Well this one isn't as great, it has a lot of mistakes and such. I really should've put the wing opening after the guy gets a foot hold oh well...

I hope you like it,

OH! A favor to ask, can you guys give me a few tips on how to make it look better box wise?

That and I'll be updating every wednesday :D My computer is just slow so I can't really upload my banner at this point of time.

So enjoy~
September 17th, 2008
Page one
I quite like how this one turned out. It looks like a comic so I'm happy what do you guys think? =3
August 25th, 2008
Here we go!
Okay I was just looking over a few things when I came upon a comment.

It asked if Fox Trot was gonna be updated anytime. I had to stop and think, and yes.

I decided that it will be continued but first I will be re-doing the already made pages just a little nicer before continuing.

And maybe I'll throw in a few explainitories as well.

So please stay with me as I clean up this comic.

Thank you.

I simply just love this comic, You've done a great deal of work on it haven't you? I'm ever so happy I've found another great webcomic!

In any case,
You're probably wondering who I am...or not...Well I'm Salioka Kirusha. Pleased to meet your aquatence.

The movements and plot move so smoothly, and the idea itself is so original! I like Scorch a lot, she's so cute~ With those big eyes and that toothy grin she'll capture the hearts of many.

One day I can even see this story on the shelves in a book store. So keep at it and from now on I shall watch your creation.

Till Next Time
About the Twins...
You see she wanted to see a 360 of how she'd look in certain dresses so she made her twin brother wear them in order to decied upon the one she'd wear for her date~

Funny right? He got tricked into it but promise of chocolate~
I'm sorry.
Crappy quality I know.
But these are to fill in the blanks for the story line. Most of them are drawn on line paper.

yeah isn't it fun to fill in the blanks between plots?
Looking a bit better...
Well I decided to do this comic in a grey-ish tone. Because I'm lazy that way and besides I think it's starting to look more like a web comic now :D

Well I've kept my promise for an update and I hope you guys like it thanx~ I really enjoy reading the comments. ^_^

Till Next Time~