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yes just Sori
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i just read the whole thing and i must say it is verrrryyyyy entertaining...

pffftt i lurve it wen the upperclassmen said gee-willickers it was so funny! but that was awhile back.

gah dat freshman gunna get killed?!
LOLOLOLOL Skye has thee funniest face when he getz hiz idea i lurve it! this is a verreh good style!>.<
bwaaahhhhh i havent been on here in forever... all meh comix suk imma start over! lol

i always loved this comic
I cannot believe what I just did.
I just read your comic again... but I narrated and voiced over the whole thiiing! i am going crazy!...
maybe i shuld do tat on youtube. hehe. boredom... tired now...nocturnal
aww yay! i luv ur updates! This is a good page to me! I lurve it!
(little secret: when I was rrrreeeeaaaalllllyyyy little I had hair like Zoe or Zoh or.... eh memory loss sorry... anyways I had her hair and when I woke up my hair was all scruffed up like that!>.<)

Oh and points for your story telling. i lurve how you take the average(no offense) girl loves boy and knew him in past and the whole magical ear thing and the magical world thing and can combine them without making it all boring!
I love it!

*is incapable of making short comments!>.<*
okay this took me thrity mintues to finish so that is why it is zeh crape. But I have to go boring homeschool stuff now since I woke at 11:00 am hehe. So uh cu all later!
ACK NO! I forgot!crap. *goes off to get up something* I have so many comics going now! ehhhh
luv it. my damn computer won't download my comic pages. so I'll try tomorrow...darn my comp...

nice page!
Kyaaaa! I wuv ur style! I am soon to be actually getting GOOD stuff on my comic!>.<
I have been making random doodles on photoshop and now I am going pen shopping-finally- and I will tone on Manga studio.

So I'll tell you when you can come look @ some decent stuff. Although I may be disappointing still. Oh well!

I wuv zeh cutez comic!>.<
hmmm...interestin i guess. I wish you would use the kind of detail on everyone else as you do to that guy who was blind. But whatever!>.<
new page!

oh and the youtube vids a while back
glad to know that I am not the only one using shmexy/smexy as a word!
cos' none of my friends said it till I started to...
grrrr them all

but I wuv em to death!

(ohand I dont really have a brittish accent but I am known to do a good imitation!XD)
hey cool! Oh and I am bak guys, cant do anything at my moms house since I have no art programs on the laptop ova there rite now. But I am back! Weee!
Oh and was that water colored?
i got wierd and decided to take my pic
then do it on photoshop as aria! i kno it sux!just wanted to try!XD
Aria:Eh so damn cute!=3
*shiny eyes*

me:I think Aria has a need to see cute...friggin
cute addict!

oh cool.
Will any1 comment on my last bio, the page b4 this?
Is it just so bad that it's not worth comments?


*creeps away into a corner and bcums emo*

*holds her teddy tight!*

Teddy understands me!*sob*
o cute! finally sum1 else posted! other than momo and me!
willow is cute,but what is he again??

Oh and look at my next two characters now!XD
Oh and now I will stop drawing Skully with the mask!
ahh see I didnt kno what a nalgene was so I thot he was a snowboard, but now I get it, that does make more since!XD
Isn't Tiger such a hottie?!XD
Lilly will be portrayed much more cuter I was just really tired on this one!XD
Oh and Tiger is male and Lilly is made to look like a girl, but she is so close to an ananomit(sp.?)object she is really an it kinda.

That's why Tiger feels so compelled to give her a family since she had been sitting on a shelf in the attic for who who know how long, I mean, when he found her she was making a snowman out of dust!XD

She only says stop and go so she is basically speechless too. But when she duz talk her cheek circles light up and make the noise, later she might learn more words tho like left and right!=3

Hope u enjoy, and goodnight!

ps. Yes, Tiger will somehow fall for Aria!XDAnd i HAVE NO IDEA WHY i AM DOING TAN SKIN ON ALMOST EVERYBODY!and I did know I just did all caps!XD


bak on!

Hehe isnt she tho?!

Yah but that was her in the bunny suit along with the sailor moon thing.
But it's funny how cute she can look and she likes cute things, but she'll never wear them and she likes getting bruised-cut-broken-shattered since it used to be her normal day-to-day lifestyle!