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Lady in Motley
I made this account for the sole purpose of Gloomverse comments. It's a great comic. You should read it.
Indigo, you're such a dork.
I have a need to make Hobo fan art. He is so wonderful.
So is this going to become a series of "Life-altering Journeys with Hobo"? I'd be okay with that.
I wasn't ready for a Feels Trip
"This ain't kosher!" needs to be a shirt.
Gosh, I love Petunia!
When you start packing/carrying things, let me help!! Moving is hard, so don't feel alone.:<
Also, I love the wind, but does this mean we're implying something's wrong with her right leg?
(we definitely called it on the last page but)
He's going to be so mad at himself omg
-"Your hot bod- it's too much for me!!"
This is your Wallace.

This is your Wallace on crack.
I'm glad the computer is in working order now, and so you won't have to feel worried about it.

Really, Wallace. Would it kill you?
This argument is the best thing ever.
I love Wallis's monologue- especially "I respected YOU!" There is so much to know about their past.
It's refreshing to see Wallis displaying some human weakness. (I'm saying I really need to see Purple nurse poor Wallis back to health.)
Well at least he's not cracking or anything.
Oh man, don't fall!
Colors aside
Well even in panel 3 Purple's sweater vest is really bright, so maybe this page just has some quirks.
We know for sure that the color people's magic affects anything they wear, so even if he was dyeing his skin/hair to hide, his clothes would have been purple anyway IF his magic was active. Therefore, this is pre-magic Purple.
~omg!!!! baby Purple yessssssss!!! <3 <3 !!oUo <3 !!
Can I just say
Purple is a cute character. <3

So anyway, this is one of the most interesting conversations so far. And I really like that our view of the world is finally expanding to talk about some of the other countries.
I like their fashion
I'm very excited that we're getting political things now, and more international interactions.
Worst small-talk ever.