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Zavron Gears
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Zavron Gears
November 30th, 2013
Almost Like a Mirror
Just reading this page reminds me of myself from my past year since graduating High School. Everyone thought i'd be the doctor or scientist just because I could do my work in school and got good grades but now im still not sure what to do. Friends are all gone, i'm terrible at making friends, i'm scared to talk to people, and I'm indecisive about what I want to do with my life. Kinda just waiting here, screwing around.

Not sure where I was going with this.... I just wanted to type this out. Maybe realise something about myself or some thing like that.
Shocked and Honored
@miyuli: I'm just surprised that my ramblings actually held some validity within them. I type the things off of my head but I'm not sure if they are even remotely correct. But I am honored that you have replied to my comment, I shall await this wonderful story's progress throughout my upcoming future. I am curious/excited about what events will transpire around Ink, so many mysteries around such an adorable nightmare.
Well, I can't wait to see how this story will develop. It's an interesting idea. Slow, but that's just how I prefer it, setting everything up nice and easy.
Very Interesting (With Some Added Ramblings)
I must say, from what i've seen this looks like it'll turn out to be a terrific comic series. The picture of Ink on the front page is what caught my attention. So after reading I can't wait to see more and wanted to say what's on my mind after reading this.

It seems to me (really, just a hypothesis at this point) that Nightmares aren't what we assume them to be (Possibly?). Scary? Maybe, but Evil? I cannot say. The Boogeyman clearly cares for Ink (in his own hard headed/ cold way, if he has any plans at all for him that is...) while the others are curious about the Boogeyman's interest in him (as we can see Jasper hurt by not getting the position/approval of The Boogeyman. As well as the twins (as i call them that) playfully teasing Ink. Then the whole involvement of the Sandman, WITH the story about the Sandman "herding" all the dreams adds more to this plot.

I'm curious to see how this will turn out as I believe that Ink is something crossed between a Nightmare and a Good Dream, someone who has the potential of both sides making him a dangerous combination. But then we need to think about who is receiving either the nightmares or good dreams. Are there humans? Or are these characters simply emotions/ remnants of the soul lost in an eternal plane looking for a purpose and take up controlling dreams as their roles in the afterlife. It seems to be a battle between dark and light; but we can not assume that light and dark are what we have been lead to believe.

But who knows, i'm just rambling at this point of what goes through this head. GREAT COMIC, LOVE THE ART STYLE, CAN'T WAIT!