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I like writing, watching classic movies, reading. I suck at things about myself. Talk to me and find out on your own.
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Total plot twist if he decided to make out with Julian.
It wouldn't be so bad if her son wasn't trying to do The Doodly Doo with that kid. They probably be chill Buddies.
@zemily: I second that
July 24th, 2015
Da cuteness
His face in the panel before last is just sooo! Cute 😸🙏😻
Can this get any cuter?
March 9th, 2015
So true
Hide! Hide my fair child!!!
@TrueMaple: can I just say that if I kiss Takashi or he kissed me or whatever my face would look just like your profile picture.
February 14th, 2015
Everytime I read this I think about my favorite x men. I'm like I love you, Archangel.
is it just me?
or is the teacher kinda hot and distracting?
@amanduur: all tartar sauce.
having money
I've never been so happy to have 15 bucks like right now!!
I just realized he could save himself from so much trouble by being mute. Just carry whiteboard around with him.
Are we related?
Yo Thomas are we related cuz like for real man me and you have this whole deal in common right now.!...
January 19th, 2015
He ain't dead he demolished!
January 3rd, 2015
I thought that they were gonna try and fake sex and see if they could be louder than them. But whatever this is so cute!!!!
Fan girling
the girl in the middle. She is like me, right there with the silent cheer.
The Bogeyman is being all cute and stuff!