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I am an early 30-something amateur cartoonist who lives in Bellingham Washington.... and those are my GOOD qualities.

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    Johann-Octavius Gans
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Just checking.
Great work all on it's own, but the fact that it's in ballpoint makes it EVEN better!
Number twelve is a slight remix of one of my earlier comics, but I think it works pretty well and helps establish Rizzo's weird obsession with popsicles.
That's awesome!
That's great. I think this is my favorite one yet.
Mutt Magazine
Their main hobby. I bet I know what YOU thought it was...

Mutt is a zine that the boys created when they were in high school. It was pretty popular with the 'unpopular' set, and after their misadventures working for their former boss, they used the money they kept to make it a 'Real' magazine. And, no, it's no coincidence that Mutt is a
BI-monthly magazine.
Awww, ain't they cute?
Fear not, I won't be drawing them all chibi-like. That's reserved for Shrimp Fried Riot. But, I AM redesigning their look.
Frosty Goodness
Honestly, this all started out innocently enough as a photography project for Rizzo.
Then, he seemed to spontaneously develop a new fetish for watching his man eat popsicles.
Go fig.
Don't put that in your MOUTH!
Finally GETTING IT about Rizzo's popsicle obsession, Gator tries to make his boyfriend happy. Or terrified. Or frozen.
Needless to say, sometimes, trying new things goes horribly horribly wrong. But worry not, this wasn't one of those times, as Rizzo's next (coherent) words were "Do it again".
Bah, Humbug
Don't get me wrong, I am an angry and bitter man. I hate holidays. Not just for the usual cliche'd "Crass Consumerism takes away from the true meaning" crap that everyone spouts every December in a futile effort to look like wiser and, I guess, BETTER people than they actually ARE... The truth is, I am simply sick of HEARING about them. You hear about Halloween in late September. You see Thanksgiving Deco before Halloween actually happens in some places, and don't get me started about "Black Friday, or how X-Mess deco gets put up at the FIRST sign of a chilly breeze, no matter WHAT month that happens in.
I surmise that sooner or later, you will indeed see signs like the above.
Nothin' says Lovin' like an early morning death threat.
I just hate it when people don't see eye to eye about their relationships
I made the mistake of sipping Mountain Dewwhile reading this. Now, it's sizzling inn my nasal passsages and running down myu laptop screen. I blame you.
Take that as a compliment. It was THAT funny
Some guys
I fully believe that there are guys who would sell their immortal soul for oral sex.
What the hell do YOU want?

The funny thing is, as I write this, I am not even behind in my strip. but then, the last few times I had ongoing comics, I got behind, and that led to discontinuance.
Well, this time, I am actually planning ahead and making sure I have SOMEthing to post should I get behind in my comic, so I am taking a couple days right now to pre-prepare filler pictures and ministrips and such. This is the first. Fanservice pic of Gator in his undies. Gotta love a man who can still look surly when he's half naked.

When I actually DO get behind, there will still be something to see.

... uh, TA-DA!!
That was priceless!
Sinfest Ninja Theatre
For those who don't get the reference:

A little history (pt 1)
Gator has made himself all "Ess-Dee" with 'Dr. Daemon's Chibi-fication Ray' and is preparing to enter the Matr-- er, the Internet with the help of 'Dr. Daemon's Internet Portal Generator'.

Where'd they get those devices and who is Dr. Daemon?
If you've skimmed my other comic, Synapse Casserole,
you probably know.

All shameless plugs aside, our duo used to work for the good doctor after school, back in 11th grade. What they DID, I ain't sayin'.
I am whatever you say I am
Sometimes you just want to be able to erase certain words from the English language. For me, "EMO" is somewhere near the top of the list. I am sick of hearing it. I think the next person who uses 'Emo' in a sentance who ISN'T talking about a freaky 80's comedian by the surname of "Phillips" should get a bullet.
Romance is Subjective
Defending one's boyfriend's honor is infinitely easier when he carries a kitchen knife around. Just goes to show, kids... If you're going to be an asshole to impress your friend, make sure the boycouple you insult aren't a bit nuts.