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I like role playing games too much for my own good.
Hobbies besides RPGs include chess, piano, MtG, DnD, reading, and paintball.
It'd be adorable reading a short story where Morrigan genuinely likes the inquisitor but just doesn't know what she's supposed to do.
My Hawke is female -> Cassandra obviously has a crush on Hawke -> Cassandra clearly thinks Hawke is the only woman for her
I love the idea of hawk specifically researching a cake breathing spell so he can prank people xD
Only silly!Hawke knows how to breathe while submerged in cake
it might also be the flamboyant dress xD
and we wondered why saemus was so eager to convert to the qun ;D
i imagine there could be several dozen "confession bear" ones heheh

first from my hawke xD "i looted a man's body while his wife looked on grieving"
honestly i could never quite forgive logain, even in the playthroughs where I let him live.

I would start with "ok i will sympathize today"

then "this man ordered the grey wardens to their deaths", "this man was ok with torturing innocents", "this man is essentially responsible for the genocide the darkspawn are inflicting on the south".

then "inarticulate hissing" followed by ignoring logain xD
thanks for all the answers ^^.

i loved breaking morrigan out of her shell too, though sometimes she randomly went back to "bitchy asshole" mode because i focused everything on being friendly with her for the first 2 story missions.
Yelling at the quarian council was my personal favorite ^^, mostly because of my unhealthy interest in quarian everything.

regarding the novel vs. in game question, i mean it more as a "do you project yourself on the character" sort of thing.

For example, I would never ever act like sarcastic Hawke, but I enjoy playing him/her regardless. I am still immersed in the world, and whatnot, but the character's action are not my own. So similar to reading a novel, or watching a particularly good movie where you get to write the plot as you go along.

Others I know project heavily onto the characters. When they describe gameplay they say "I did" or "I decided to" or "Anders betrayed ME", their characters are either personas of themselves or how they'd actually act. They directly take the place of the character.
i have found that smackjeeves has random comics that are really good and then i binge on them for long periods of time :l, RIP homework.

i love your story ^^, especially the characters and whatnot. Multilayered characters are pretty uncommon in comics heheh

totally shipping amber x gale though
:D :D In that case, i was wondering:

what do you guys do when not writing champions and playing bio-ware games?

what were your absolute favorite (if you have any) moments in bioware RPGs?

do you think morrigan's voice sounded weird in the DA3 preview?

when you play a game, do you play it more like you are "reading a novel" or more like you are "in the game"?

related to that, what is your favorite version of femshep/hawke/grey warden if you have one? why?
gaaaaah, i missed the AMA :l, damn you universal studios

Also, zenat's hair seems to be a significant source of struggle heheh
Duncan could actually be psychologically traumatized from his forced indoctrination of wardens, but so desperate for help against the blight that he stops at nothing to get the job done. Renegade Duncan!

on the other hand that's not nearly so funny as dousche duncan
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I just finished reading every single comic in the archive heh. I love your work xD.

All hail Bioware. May the day of Dragon Age III's release never be postponed.

Regarding the current comic, at least she can now discover the joy of replaying bioware games over and over xD